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UAB faculty members collaborating around a table. What is EPIC?

UAB's new Educational Programs and Innovation Consortia (EPIC) seeks to streamline and assist in the process of developing UAB joint programs.

A Joint Program is a degree granting program that spans at least two UAB Schools or Colleges. All schools/colleges share ownership of the single degree, and all schools/colleges will be acknowledged on the transcript and at commencement. After the approved Joint Program goes into effect, any subsequent changes can only be made with the approval of EPIC.

To assist in developing your new joint program, please:

  • Step 1: Fill out and submit the Exploration for a New Joint Program form.
  • Step 2: EPIC Co-chairs will review.
  • Step 3: EPIC Co-Chairs will contact the faculty for discussion and approval to move forward.
  • Step 4: Meet with full EPIC Committee.
  • Step 5: Submit Planning Document to EPIC Committee for review and approval.
  • Step 6: Complete NISP and secure required approvals at the School level.
  • Step 7: Submit Planning Document and NISP to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) or Graduate Curriculum committee (GCC) as appropriate..
  • Step 8: Once approved by UCC or GCC, NISP will be submitted to the Provost's Office for final approval.