Haley Herfurth

Haley Herfurth

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Eight employee and student parking areas now have reserved spaces for pregnant drivers — at the suggestion of a UAB Hospital nurse.

retro art streamThis year, UAB graduated 2,100 students, many of them women with medical training — Jimmie Ethel Montgomery paved their way.

retro art streamWith a 94-person kidney chain still going strong, UAB has built on the legacy it started in May 1968.

Debra Clisby, business officer in the UAB Substance Abuse Center, is UAB’s Employee of the Month.

UAB BTS logo FINALThe UAB Reporter wants to know how people in your unit volunteer. Submit a publicity request with the details and send a group selfie to reporter@uab.edu for a chance to be featured.

Plants that attract bees, birds and butterflies are beautiful and necessary for sustaining native ecosystems.

Beginning May 1, UAB staff can cast their vote for their organizational unit’s Staff Council representatives at uab.edu/staffcouncil.

“Dreams come true with hard work and perseverance,” Lee Moradi says — and just maybe a Grand Challenge proposal.

UAB Safe streamBefore you hop on that bike to commute to work or head across campus, make sure you, your bicycle and your knowledge of the road are ready.

UAB BTS logo FINALThe UAB Reporter wants to know how you give back — whether it’s at a local food bank or in a clinic across the world.

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