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Take a glance around your office or clinic and you’ll find colleagues who make the world better volunteering as a Staff Council representative, helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house with co-workers or teaching community English classes.

But what about the volunteer work they do outside the office? Take some of the staff of the UAB Hospital-Leeds Outpatient Imaging and Laboratory, who let us know ways they give back to the community and the world, from helping families find healing during childhood cancer journeys to collecting toothbrushes for children in Guatemala.

  • UAB Hospital-Leeds Outpatient Imaging and Laboratory
  • Amy Wagonner, far left, an X-ray technologist, works with Smile-a-Mile to raise money for finding cures for childhood cancer. Danielle Daly, second from left, a mammography technologist, recently traveled to Guatemala to build dwellings in remote villages and help children learn to improve their health through better nutrition and hygiene. Kayla Freeman, second from right, an X-ray and mammography technologist, collects toothbrushes and toothpaste to help impoverished children in Guatemala learn about caring for their teeth, and Carla Gover, right, an ultrasound technologist, recently traveled to Haiti to teach clinicians there to use ultrasound technology in patient care.

The UAB Reporter wants to know how people in your unit volunteer — whether it’s at a local food bank or in a clinic across the world. Submit a publicity request with the details and send a group selfie to for a chance to be featured in Behind the Scenes.