Mayes is the go-to person for the correct answers

Carol Mayes sizedProgram manager Carol Mayes was stunned to learn she was named Employee of the Month for July, but her co-workers weren’t surprised.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Ms. Mayes since she began her tenure in the Department of Epidemiology,” said Steven Claas, program manager. “The depth of her knowledge of the often arcane forms and procedures involved in applying for and managing research grants is nothing short of encyclopedic. It has been a privilege to count Carol among my colleagues, and I believe she is entirely deserving of this award.”

“Obviously this is a high point in my career, because this honor represents a vote of respect and appreciation from those individuals with whom I work most closely on a day-to-day basis,” Mayes said.

Mayes manages the submission of all grants and sub-contract applications that name epidemiology faculty as principal investigators or program directors. Donna Arnett, Ph.D., chair of the department, said Mayes is the go-to person who always has the correct answers.

“Carol has great technical expertise,” Arnett said. “She is a key contributor to the success of our extramural research program in epidemiology. Her work ethic is remarkable, and her knowledge of the intricacies of grants and contracts management helps all of our faculty and staff on a daily basis. Since NIH grant deadlines are on a fixed cycle for submission, it is not uncommon for Ms. Mayes to work on multiple submissions simultaneously. She does whatever it takes to get this done, and does so with apparent ease.”

Mayes has been with Epidemiology for four years, but has been at UAB for more than 13 years. She started in UAB’s Central Administration, and there she learned about intellectual property management and processing and negotiating extramurally funded projects.

“By having experience on both the department and institutional levels, I believe I have obtained a fairly well-rounded understanding of the business of research at UAB,” Mayes said. “I have been fortunate that during my UAB career I have always been encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to enhance and expand my abilities as an employee, whether attending courses offered through UAB’s Office of Training and Development or attending outside conferences. I think this opportunity for personal growth has contributed greatly to keeping me interested in and enthusiastic about my work.”

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Since her first day in the department, Mayes said her co-workers have made her feel like she is part of a team.

“It means a great deal to me that I work for individuals whose research could potentially contribute to the prevention of or better treatment for some of today’s most widespread health concerns,” Mayes said. “Any time I can help a faculty member obtain a new source of funding, or I can help to educate a graduate student on how to maneuver in the world of grants, I consider those moments of success.”

When Mayes is not at work she’s staying busy with her 9-year-olds Kevin and Kelly by taking them to scout meetings, swimming lessons and local parks.

“If I’m in search of quality me time, I grab a good book, a tall glass of lemonade and find a quiet place to read,” Mayes said. “Although I have no official hobbies, I can frequently be found dabbling in the kitchen on the weekends. I’m always on a quest for the perfect French toast recipe.”