Kennedy keeps things running smoothly

Teri Kennedy sizedAccording to her co-workers, Teri Kennedy, a program coordinator in the Division of Infectious Disease, is the person who keeps things running smoothly. She was part of a group that researched and helped implement a better operating system for the division.

“Once purchased, Teri spent extra time to learn and teach the operating system to others in our group,” said Paul Goepfert, M.D., professor of medicine. “As a result, we now have a highly efficient participant scheduling and retention tool that enables us to partake in many more research studies, thereby benefiting UAB directly.”

For her can-do attitude and work ethic, Kennedy has been named Employee of the Month for August. Kennedy, who has worked in the Division of Infectious Diseases for almost nine years, is an administrative and financial assistant for six investigators in the division.

“I am definitely the behind-the-scenes person,” Kennedy said. “They do all the important work. I just try to keep things running smoothly so that they can do their jobs.”

Geopfert said he had many examples of the reason Kennedy was deserving of the honor, but the most recent involved scheduling problems for several large studies. He said the studies required that research participants receive physical exams, and that was where Kennedy stepped in to help.

“Coordinating these physicals among multiple physicians on a daily basis presented a bit of a challenge; however, Teri came up with an efficient scheduling system that allowed the research nurses and physicians to coordinate these physicals and update it at any time,” Geopfert said.

Co-workers also notice the extra time Kennedy spends in the office.

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“Teri is always around, so you can always count on her even if she is very busy with other tasks,” said Steffanie Sabbaj, Ph.D., assistant professor. “She has excellent time-management skills, but will come early and leave late if that is what it takes to do the job and do it right.”

Kennedy is quick to point out that she works with a team of people that she admires.

“It amazes me the passion that so many people have in Infectious Diseases,” Kennedy said. “I have learned so much these past years about everything from AIDs to the flu. To be part of this team, which is so dedicated to research and the well-being of people worldwide, is an honor.”

Kennedy said her home life is almost as hectic as her work life; she and her husband are raising three children.

“We are very involved in our church with youth and college activities and mission trips,” Kennedy said. “Typically most week nights are spent at a soccer field and weekends are for soccer games, college and high-school football and spending time with family.”