Alverson is UAB’s Employee of the Year

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alverson streamPam Alverson, program director for the Office of Program Review and Monitoring Systems in UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer CenterPam Alverson, program director for the Office of Program Review and Monitoring Systems in UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been named UAB Employee of the Year. Alverson was chosen from the Employee of the Month award-winners selected during the 12-month period ending July 2017.

Alverson will be the guest of honor at an invitation-only ceremony and reception honoring her with the highest non-academic employee award in January.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to receive this recognition,” Alverson said. “To be awarded for a job you enjoy and working with people you love and respect is incredible. I am proud to work for UAB and be a part of the on-mission Comprehensive Cancer Center team.”

Alverson, who was selected December 2016’s Employee of the Month, was praised for her calm attitude that provides stability in an overwhelming system and for her dedication — she even sometimes plans vacations around important meetings — to her position.

In her role, Alverson oversees the administrative tasks of the scientific review process for cancer-related clinical trials, interacting with investigators, working groups and related committees and essentially moving clinical research protocols through the center's process.

"She has incredible intention to detail working with scores of physicians and scientists performing clinical trials," said Edward Partridge, M.D., then-director of the Cancer Center said in nominating her. "In spite of this challenge — akin to herding not cats, but tigers — I have never once seen her look frustrated or irritated, much less lose her temper. She is simply unbelievable."

Alverson said that the biggest lesson she has learned in her 30 years at UAB is that everyone has a story, she said. "Everyone wants to be heard and respected; each person is important."

For her, this was especially personified one spring, when she dressed as the Easter Bunny for the patients at Children's Hospital. "I still clearly remember looking through the mesh eyes of the costume," Alverson said, "and seeing sick children smile."

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