More than 1,100 employees to be honored during annual service awards

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honor seal STREAMLoy O. Vaughan, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, and John F. Kearney, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Microbiology, and will be honored for 50 years and 45 years of service to UAB, respectively, during the annual Service Awards banquet. Six others will be honored for 40 years of service: Scott Brande, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; Della W. Daniel, coordinator of Graduate Academic Programs in the Department of Biostatistics; Letha L. Daniel, manager for the Bell Building-Wallace Physical Education complex; James K. Kirklin, M.D., professor of cardiothoracic surgery; Sonja O. Rieger, professor of photography; and James Michael Wyss, Ph.D., professor of cell, developmental and integrative biology.

They will join 285 employees with 20 or more years of service during the annual Service Awards Program luncheon noon March 6 in the Hill Student Center third floor ballroom.

Employees being recognized with five, 10 and 15 years of service this year total 833.

Honored 35-year recipients

Marvin K. Atmore (UAB Police); Timothy L. Awtrey (Pathology); Cynthia G. Brumfield, M.D. (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Katherine A. Clore, O.D. (Vision Sciences); Donna M. Crabb (Medicine); William P. Garth Jr., M.D. (Orthopaedic Surgery); Kiran B. Gupta (Microbiology); Joanetha Y. Hale (Microbiology); Kevin J. Macon (Microbiology); Teresa W. Manley (MIST); John C. Mayer, Ph.D. (Mathematics); Glenn E. Peters, M.D. (Otolaryngology); Timothy L. Sullivan (Campus Services and Grounds); Diane C. Tucker, Ph.D. (Psychology); Robert E. Varner Jr., M.D. (Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery); Godfrey Watkins (UAB Libraries)

Honored 30-year recipients

Deborah J. Blackstone (School of Medicine), Norman E. Bolus (Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences), Kyle G. Boyett (Emergency Management); Mike Burden (Project Management Services); Mary Jo Cagle (Surgery); W. Winn Chatham, M.D. (Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology); Joan A. Conway (Sponsored Programs); Rhonda R. Eubank (Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology); Alicia T. Farley (Cardiovascular Disease); Randall L. Foster (Neurology); Paul D. Gamlin, Ph.D. (Ophthalmology); Shirley S. Ginwright (CORD); William B. Griffin Jr. (Chilled Water); John Joseph Hablitz, Ph.D. (Neurobiology); Cheryl D. Hall (Theatre); Trena Taylor Johnsey (Epidemiology); John C. Kappes, M.D. (Hematology and Oncology); Larry E. Langer (Post Office); Kimberly P. Lee (Radio Paging); Katherine Alison Margolies (Neurobiology); Beverly D. Matlock (Controller’s Office); Julie A. McDougal (Health Care Organization and Policy); Brenda D. McKenzie (Gastroenterology); Andre J. Millard, Ph.D. (History); Kathy B. Minor (Obstetrics and Gynecology); Katrina Moore (Nephrology); Lisa R. Moore (TRIO); Wayne A. Nall (Campus Maintenance); Mubenga N. Nkashama, Ph.D. (Mathematics); Nina L. Poythress (Obstetrics and Gynecology); Jose B. Quitana, Ph.D. (Health Services Administration); Davis E. Ramsey (Desktop Support Services); Nedra C. Reese (General Dentistry); Charlene C. Rhoades (Developmental Pediatrics); Belinda F. Rials (Obstetrics and Gynecology); Tommy G. Smith, Ph.D. (Curriculum Instruction); Sharon A. Spencer, M.D. (Radiation Oncology); Sylvia B. Strothers (School of Dentistry); Melanie L. Talbot (School of Health Professions); Nancy R. TImpa (Curriculum Instruction); Janice B. Ward (Faculty Affairs); Christie Knox Wilson (Institutional Review Board for Human Use); Steven W. Wood (Visual Content); Xizeng Wu, M.D. (Radiology)

Honored 25-year recipients

Tracy G. Adams (Preventive Medicine); Charles D. Amsler, Ph.D. (Biology); Rebecca Ann Bach, Ph.D. (English); Angel J. Bailey (Nursing Research and Scholarship); James E. Bailey (Campus Maintenance); Anitra Baylor (Department of Medicine); Martina Bebin, M.D. (Neurology); Zsuzsanna Bebok, M.D. (Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology); Derek N. Beck (Financial Affairs); Thressa A. Bloomer (Enrollment Operations); April M. Boyd (Medical Education); Michael E. Boyd (Benefits); William B. Brookshaw (UAB Libraries); Robbie N. Burrell (Restorative Sciences); Michele D. Carter (Parking and Transportation Services); Pi-Ling Chang, Ph.D. (Nutrition Sciences); Debasish Chattopadhyay, Ph.D. (Infectious Diseases); Jennifer D. Clendenin (Nephrology); Christie R. Coleman (General Pediatrics); Robert M. Conry, M.D. (Hematology and Oncology); Fredrick D. Cook (Campus Maintenance); Kristen B. Craig (Marketing, Industrial Distribution and Economics); Pankaj M. Desai, M.D. (Anesthesiology); Leon Sebring Dure, M.D. (Pediatric Neurology); Devin Edward Eckhoff, M.D. (Transplantation); Sherry J. Evans (Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy); Pohoey Fan, M.D. (Cardiovascular Disease); Fekisha Vaughan Guyton (Clinical Trials); Stacy D. Hall (Microbiology); Frank Hamby (Campus Maintenance); Shiobhan D. Holmes (Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Services); Portia A. Jackson (Family and Community Medicine); Jing Jiang (Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism); Michelle S. Johnson (Molecular and Cellular Pathology); John K. Johnston, Ph.D. (Computer Science); Yung R. Lau, M.D. (Pediatric Cardiology); Erica L. Lee (Otolaryngology); Nita A Limdi, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (Neurology); Yuanyuan Ma, M.D. (Cardiovascular Disease); Trana L. Mars (Optometry Clinical Services); Sharon Melnick (Cardiovascular Disease); Joseph L. Messina, Ph.D. (Molecular and Cellular Pathology); Dalton S. Nelson, Ph.D. (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Jan Novak, Ph.D. (Microbiology); Pauline D. Peoples (Building Services); Elizabeth A. Peters (Optometry Clinical Services); Michelle Peterson (Education Student Services); Shihong Qiu (Microbiology); Adrianne Young Raymond (Physician Health); Sharon A. Robinson (Health Service Clinic); Carol E. Rosenstiel, O.D. (Ophthalmology); Jane R. Schwebke, M.D. (Infectious Diseases); Demetria P. Scott (Project Management Services); Catherine Hogan Smith (UAB Libraries); Joseph Kevin Smith, M.D. (Radiology); Jerry E. Stewart Jr. (Pediatric Surgery); Gunter Stolz, Ph.D. (Mathematics); John R. Taylor (Medical Education Information Services); Ken R. Tilashalski, DDS (General Dentistry); Martin C. Tully (Telecommunications Services); Henrietta Turner (Anatomic Pathology); Gregory P. Walcott, M.D. (Cardiovascular Disease); Kedria Walker (Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology); Shannon J. Warren (Infectious Diseases); Patty J. Williams (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Azad Nuri Yaba (School of Public Health Finance and Administration); Henghui Zou, Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Honored 20-year recipients

Lisa A. Aaron (Undergraduate Programs and External Relations); Hussein D. Abdullatif, M.D. (Pediatric Endocrinology); Edward P. Acosta, Pharm.D. (Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology); Sukwinder S. Akins (Psychiatry Substance Abuse); Lauren Antia (Nursing Research and Scholarship); Douglas J. Ayers, Ph.D. (Marketing, Industrial Distribution and Economics); Xue Mei Bai (Infectious Diseases); Jill Regina Bailey-Griffin (Pediatric Infectious Diseases); Jean Baker (Building Services); Stacy Michelle Ballard (Enterprise Applications); Judson W. Barber, M.D. (Pediatric Emergency Medicine); Halina Barsukiewicz-Tucholska (Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology); Walter C. Bell, M.D. (Community Practice Pathology Program); Michael J. Bertran, Ph.D. (Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology); Cherry Y. Beverly (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Lakonja M. Billups (UAB Libraries); Kirby I. Bland (Surgical Oncology); Peter A. Bosworth (Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation); Monikue C. Boyd (Montgomery Internal Medicine); Deanon Juleus Brooks (Shipping and Receiving); David C. Brown (Hospital Maintenance); Sharron W. Brownlee (UAB Libraries); Claudio Busettini, Ph.D. D.Eng. (Optometry and Vision Science); Thomas Byer (Desktop Support Services); Delores Carlito (UAB Libraries); Kathy S. Carter (Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery); Zenoria L. Causey Pruitt (Infectious Diseases); Leigh Ann Caver (Montgomery Internal Medicine); Terry Chandler (Animal Resources Program); Yu-Ying Chen, M.D., Ph.D. (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation); Olivio J. Clay, Ph.D. (Psychology); Edward Coleman (Grounds); Cynthia D. Costes (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Artemus J. Cox III, M.D. (Otolaryngology); Derek A. Cracco (Art and Art History); Robert Jeffrey Crain, M.D. (Opthalmology); Jon Mark Crawford (Optometry and Vision Science); Deeana Harvill Crider (Health System Marketing Communication); Noah D. Crum (Anesthesiology); André R. Davis (Parking and Transportation Services); Glenda Davis (Psychiatry Substance Abuse); Melissa L. Deakle (Radiology Oncology Academic Practice); Paula B. Dixon (Infectious Diseases); Lynn Dobrunz, Ph.D. (Neurobiology); John Sylvan Downing III (Campus Maintenance); Patricia Drentea, Ph.D. (Sociology); Tammy Y. Edwards (eLearning and Professional Studies); Peter G. Eipers (Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology); Adrienne L. Ellis (Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology); Wendy J. England (Collat School of Business); Cilina Ann Evans (Acute Care Surgery); James D. Evans (Engineering and Innovative Technology Development); Brian T. Fetner (Campus Maintenance); Harry L. Findley III (Psychiatry Public Sector); William Fisher III (Cardiovascular Disease); Kevin Micah Freeman (Obstetrics and Gynecology); Andrew W. Gibson, Ph.D. (Immunology/Rheumatology); Roger Lee Gilchrist, Ph.D. (Biology); Christopher Anthony Girkin, M.D. (Ophthalmology); Kristi C. Guest, Ph.D. (Psychology); Coletha D. Hanks (Cardiovascular Disease Hypertension Program); Barbara Ann Hannemann-Frey (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Cynesta E. Herron (Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni); Jayme A. Hester (Center for Clinical and Translational Science); Craig J. Hoesley, M.D. (Infectious Diseases); George Howard, DrPH (Biostatistics); Virginia J. Howard, Ph.D. (Epidemiology); Yung-Tsung Hsu, D.D.S., DMD (Prosthodontics); Jessica R. Huffstutler (School of Nursing); James M. Hunter Jr., M.D. (Anesthesiology); Ami E. Iskandrian, M.D. (Cardiovascular Disease); Nazmul Islam (Department of Medicine); Mary A. Jarrett-Wilson (Pathology Finance); Scelelar D. Jefferson (Optometry Clinical Services); Alfreda Marie Jenkins (Financial Accounting); Lynette D. Jiles (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Brendetta Johnson (Information Technology Business Financial Services); Andrew W. Keitt, Ph.D. (History); Susan Davis Kloda (Laboratory Medicine); Laura J. Knighten (Chemistry); Kenneth Lee (UAB Libraries); Shernine Henderson Lee (Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care); Joy S. Lewis (Infectious Diseases); Rui-Ming Liu, Ph.D. (Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care); Avi Madan-Swain, M.D. (Hematology and Oncology); Joe L. March, Ph.D. (Chemistry); Victor W. Mark, M.D. (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation); Marisa Marques, M.D. (Laboratory Medicine); Kimberly D. Martin (University Purchasing); Sharon McChesney (Family and Community Medicine); Courtney Jill Meredith (School of Health Professions); Telisha N. Millender-Swain (Molecular and Cellular Pathology); Tammy M. Mitchell (Neurosurgery); Stephanie B. Mullins (Office of the UAB Chief Financial Officer); Louis Burt Nabors, M.D. (Neurology); Harry J. Nance III (Obstetrics and Gynecology); Lanier O’Hare (Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care); Wesley A. Pate (Comprehensive Cancer Center); Manisha Patel (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics); Rakesh Pravinchandra Patel, Ph.D. (Molecular and Cellular Pathology); Hubert L. Philon Jr. (Telecommunications Services); David C. Pigot, M.D. (Emergency Medicine); Margaret N. Pike (Preventive Medicine); Steven J. Pittler, Ph.D. (Optometry and Vision Science); Israel Ponce-Rodriguez (Pathology Finance); Selvarangan Ponnazhagan, Ph.D. (Molecular and Cellular Pathology); Glenn D. Rainwater (Chilled Water); Barbie Jean Randall (Nephrology); Alice Hudson Rhodes (Otolaryngology); Glenn H. Roberson, M.D. (Radiology); Robert E. Sawyer (Physical Security); Marshal D. Shoemaker (Campus Maintenance); Nandor Simanyi, Ph.D. (Mathematics); Michele Jean Sims, Ed.D. (Curriculum Instruction); Cynthia Smith (Building Services); Itella Smith-Sepenu (Environmental Health and Safety); Daisy R. Sparks (Parking and Transportation Services); Lakia Patrice Sparks (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Jawan D. Struggs (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Brian S. Sullens (Grounds); Sylvia Lynn Taunton (Building Services); Ashita J. Tolwani, M.D. (Nephrology); Ramon A. Vega (Health Services Administration); Cynthia D. Vines (Anesthesiology); Amy M. Ward (Enrollment Operations); Ivy B. Watson (School of Medicine Development); Joseph Webster (Chilled Water); Lisa Laycock Willet, M.D. (General Internal Medicine); Donna S. Williamson (Occupational Medicine and Research Safety); Martha Slay Wingate, DrPH (Health Care Organization and Policy); Jacalyn Y. Witherspoon (Gastroenterology); Audrey S. Wrenn (Acute, Chronic and Continuing Care); Abidin Yildirim, Ph.D. (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Allan J. Zajac, Ph.D. (Microbiology); Jaroslaw Zmijewski, M.D. (Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care); Edward D. Zuckerman (Theatre)