If you are 18-65 years old, have a child 12-65 years old willing to participate in the study with you, generally healthy, with or without history of early life trauma, you may be eligible to participate in a research study to explore whether you can pass along your stress to your children. Compensation provided. For more information and to determine eligibility, please call Katlyn at 975-4208.
We are looking for adolescents with type 2 diabetes and an A1C between 6.5 and 10.5% to assess the safety and efficacy of a non-insulin, injectable anti-diabetic investigational medication for type 2 diabetics. Subjects taking insulin will not qualify.  If your child qualifies, they will receive the following at no cost to you: study related physical exams and laboratory tests, diabetes education and coaching, study medication and supplies, and compensation for your time. Victoria Gunter, 996-7648, smay@peds.uab.edu.
You will view a set of images in the MRI scanner and respond to simple questions by pushing a button. Study will take 2-3 hours total (1 hour in scanner) and can be completed in two separate sessions or in a single day. Compensated $50. Dr. Rajesh Kana 996-9368.
Healthy controls age 3-21 needed for a study that investigates risk factors for pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS). Qualifying participants will undergo a one-time blood draw and complete three surveys. Compensation is provided. cpodd@peds.uab.edu
Healthy, overweight 7-11 year females needed to participant in an observational study to investigate health effects of prolonged sitting. We are recruiting African or European American, prepubertal females for a 16-week study. Involves four 2-day visits and compensation. Annie, 975-3494.
We want to know about measuring body fat in humans using digital photography. One visit is required to assess your body composition. Contact Billy at billy@uab.edu. Compensation is provided.
We want to know about measuring body fat in humans using digital photography.  One visit is required to assess your body composition.  If you are interested, contact Billy at billy@uab.edu. Compensation is provided.
A study is recruiting overweight African-American and European American girls ages 7-11 to investigate the effects of diet on weight-loss and body composition. This 25-week study involves 7 clinic visits, 7 education sessions, and compensation. The PRIMO study, Annie 975-3494

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