Executive Doctor of Science (DSc) in Healthcare Leadership

Sharing diverse experiences, learning and developing together, and exchanging ideas that move the industry forward.

The Executive Doctor of Science in Healthcare Leadership is a practice-oriented, academic program designed for experienced healthcare executives who currently occupy or who are preparing to enter senior leadership positions.

“We provide students the opportunity to develop valuable analytical and strategic management skills and an opportunity to perfect those skills by conducting action learning assignments and applied research."

S. Robert Hernandez, Dr.P.H.
DSc Program Director

As the dynamic scope of healthcare delivery systems becomes increasingly complex, the demands on senior leaders to possess highly sophisticated management skills are growing. Our program’s blended delivery format - distance learning with only three intensive on-campus sessions per year - allows you to obtain these skills and your DSc degree while maintaining your executive responsibilities.


The DSc program is paced so you can complete your doctoral degree in only three years. There are two years of coursework and one year of dissertation research. The program includes three eight-day on-campus intensive sessions each year.

Click here for a sample three-year course list.

"Safe Place to Learn"

"Perhaps the most valuable take away for me is that senior level executives need a safe place to learn, grow and build relationships with others, from a wide variety of sectors, within the healthcare and academic setting."

~ Virginia A. Razo, DSc
UAB DSc, Class 1
CEO, Curry Health Network