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How much does it cost to get an immunization/titer at SHS?

The cost of the most commonly administered immunizations/vaccines and titers at SHS is available here.

How do I determine how much I owe for medical services I already received based on my EOB, or my bill?

You may visit the SHS Bill Payment page to learn how to read your EOB or bill, log into your UHC account online, download the Health4Me App onto any smart device, or contact Student Health Services Staff by phone (205 934-3580), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or the Patient Portal.

I don’t understand some of the terms in my EOB/bill. Help!

Don’t worry— we know insurance documents can be confusing. Here is a glossary of insurance terms with simplified definitions and examples: Just Plain Clear. (This website also has Portuguese and Spanish translations.)

How can I estimate how much it will cost for me to obtain service for a common condition if I have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?

You can download the Health4Me App onto any smart device and use the cost-estimator tool, or visit the UnitedHealthcare website to obtain cost estimates.

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