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Housing assignments for new undergraduate students are based primarily on the student's date of application for housing, but may consist of a variety of other factors.

First-Time Freshmen

Students who apply for Fall 2024 housing by February 29th will have the opportunity to select their own rooms in Gold Hall, Blazer Hall, and McMahon Hall the week of June 10 - 14, 2024. Students who apply March 1st and later will be assigned by the Housing Assignments Team. All first year students pay the same rate regardless of what residence hall they live in.

Beginning March 4th (for Fall 2024), freshmen request a roommate by creating a roommate group using the Update Roommate link in myHousing. One student is the leader and creates the group, then sends an email invitation to their roommate request to join their group. The second student either accepts or declines the invitation. If there is no response to the invitation, it is considered a declined request. Students are only allowed to invite other freshmen who have submitted a Fall 2024 housing application and have a parent/guardian contract signature (if needed). Students are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last day to form their group. The Assignments Team will not accept any updates after the deadline.

The deadline to finalize your roommate group in myHousing is June 3, 2024 at 5pm CDT.

If you do not preference a roommate, the Housing Assignments team will assign you a roommate. The housing application asks several questions pertaining to sleeping patterns, study habits, and the environment. Roommates are matched based on their responses to these questions.

Current Residents - Priority Period

We offer our current residents priority when signing up for housing for the following year. If you are a current on-campus resident, be on the lookout in the Spring semester for an email giving instructions on how to sign-up during the Priority Housing Period.

Upperclassmen and Transfer Students

Apply for student housing as early as possible to help improve your chances of getting a housing option you prefer. Current residents have priority for building assignments; so more popular building/room options may no longer be available.

To help us process your application more efficiently, make sure to select all the housing options you’d be willing to accept.