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Your RA will have a Mandatory Meeting:

To go over all closing and check out expectations. Be on the lookout for communication from then on when that will be. You will need that information!

You must check-out within 24 hours of your last exam

If you need a personal extension, contact the Residence Life Coordinator for your building.

Your RA will post available times for check out appointments:

Please sign up for an appointment at least 24 hours in advance of your projected departure. If you can't check out during any of these times, please check with other staff in the building or at the front desk of your building.

You must check out with an RA!

Both you and your RA will go through your completely empty room noting any problems and discrepancies between the move-in condition of your room and the check-out condition. You will both sign the Room Condition Report and you will give your keys directly to the RA. If you have lost any keys go ahead and order them from the front desk now! This should cut down on lost keys and additional charges for you during the summer.

To avoid cleaning charges you must:

  • Take all of your belongings.
  • All drawers and closets should be completely empty.
  • The floor must be cleaned and vacuumed/swept/ mopped.
  • All trash must be taken out.
  • Refrigerator must be emptied, cleaned, and dry.
  • Remove everything from the floors, walls, ceiling, etc.
  • Checkout with your RA (be sure to lock your door and turn in your key/s).

* Don't forget your bike!
* There will be bins outside to donate unwanted items to charity during finals week (be on the lookout for where they are located).

Your Residence Life Coordinator will do a final walk-through of your room after you check out. At that time, you will be assessed for any noted damages or cleanliness issues. You will receive an email about any move-out charges, and they will be added to your student account.