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Student Housing Overnight Guest Policy

  • Overnight Visitation is defined as any guest checked into the residence hall for 5 or more hours between midnight and 8:00 a.m.
  • Overnight Visitation requests MUST be submitted no later than 48 hours of the desired date of request.
  • Occupants (roommates) have the right to deny an overnight request.
  • The student requesting an overnight guest must Inform roommate(s)/suitemate(s) that an e-mail request will be coming their way and be on the lookout for it.
  • Residents are allowed up to 4 overnight requests per calendar month.

Requesting an Overnight Guest

To submit overnight visitation requests, you will:

  • Log into your MyHousing account through BlazerNet
  • Once in MyHousing, click the Submit An Overnight Request button.

After you have submitted your overnight request, your roommates/suitemates will receive an email prompting them to approve the request. An overnight visitation request IS NOT APPROVED until all occupants in the room/apartment/suite have completed the approval process.

Once all occupants have approved the request, you will receive an automated approval email, which you must show to the residence hall front desk staff when checking in your overnight guest.