Employment Opportunities

Resident Assistants (RAs):

Resident Assistants are full-time students who are chosen for their positive attitude, leadership potential, ability to relate interpersonally, and sense of commitment. The RA is the primary resource for information and assistance. RAs are on call evenings and on weekends to assist residents with problems or emergencies.

Conference Assistant (CAs):

The Conference Assistant (CA) is a vital role to the Conference Services operation. Each summer our campus welcomes anywhere from 50-60 camp and conference groups to campus and the CAs serve as the first contact for those summer groups. CAs serve as an ambassador for UAB with these groups.

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Peer Wellness Ambassadors (PWAs):

Peer Wellness Ambassadors (PWAs) are a committed group of students who understand the importance of health and wellness and the value of connecting students to resources on campus in order to be successful while at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The Peer Wellness Ambassador 2021-2022 is available on UAB Engage. For more information about the PWA role, visit the PWA Engage Page to access the position description.

Applications are due on June 16 by 11:59 p.m.

  • “The greatest joy an RA can have is watching their residents grow and get connected because they had a part in it. I wish I had known how many responsibilities came with the position to prepare me more, however, I have loved the learning curve and enjoyed my job a lot!”

    - Muhammad Jan (Biomedical Sciences Major, 1st Year RA in Camp Hall)

  • “My teams that I have served on were always the most fun!”

    - Savannah Meredith (Biology Major, 3rd Year RA in the Venue Apartments)

  • “I’ve really enjoyed being an RA and getting to interact with residents and getting to know my residents on a personal level. I love helping people and connecting residents to resources on campus.”

    - Alex Correale-Otto (Biology/Public Heath Major, 1st year RA in Camp Hall)

  • “Working as an GA has provided me with the necessary tools to become one the best CEOs of an Hospital. I have valued my time in working with RAs and helping them figure out their lives.”

    - Kayla Rosser (2nd year GA in New Freshman Residence Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL)

  • “I have really enjoyed being a mentor to freshman students, and I have made some friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

    - Alysse Lalonde (Pre-Med Molecular Biology Major, 1 year RA in Blazer Hall)

  • “It is more than what I thought I signed up for. That being said, I got to meet a lot of great people and make good relationships, and I know this position will be good for my professional career.”

    - Robert Sellers (Electrical Engineering Major, 1st year RA in Blount Hall)

  • “The experience of being an RA has taught me the importance of time management, flexibility, and compassion. I have enjoyed getting to know various residents that I hope to continue to learn more about, even after they are my residents.”

    - Kyrene Villavicencio (Biology (Pre-Med) Major, 2 year RA in New Freshman Residence Hall)

  • “I enjoy working with my staff and welcoming residents to the new renovated building of Camp Hall. I have valued my time working with other professional staff members on the team!”

    - Emily Shaver (1st year RLC in Camp Hall, Birmingham, AL)

  • “I have really enjoyed being a role model for my residents and staff members. You never know who are inspiring around you.”

    - Timia Acklin (Healthcare Management, 2nd year RA in Blazer Hall)

  • “Being an RA has helped in more ways than I could have ever imagined it would. Professionally, it has helped me tremendously with meeting deadlines, working with a team, and feeling truly supported by my supervisors. The things that I have learned so far as an RA have been truly invaluable.”

    - Meri-Kathryn Bright (Nursing Major, 1st year RA in New Freshman Residence Hall)

  • “The RLC position has provided me with invaluable experience that I can use for the rest of my life. The professional development opportunities provided have helped me immensely in supervising my staff and working with students.”

    - Brandon Brown (2nd year RLC in Blazer Hall, Memphis, TN)

  • “I look forward to getting to know each of my staff members each year, and working with them to create educational, inclusive, and fun environments in Blount Hall!”

    - Erica Lewis (2nd year RLC in Blount Hall, Pleasant Grove, AL)

  • “I have enjoyed meeting the needs of my residents, making lifelong friends with residents and staff, learning how to communicate, and handling stressful situations. Making lasting memories with my residents has been the most rewarding thing about the job!”

    - Matt Earwood (Criminal Justice Major, 2nd year RA in Blazer Hall)

  • “Bring and RA has been an incredible experience for my professional and personal growth. Seeing my residents go through tough time and then become stronger is my favorite part of the job! This commitment is more of a lifestyle than just a job and I love it!”

    - Leah Perz (International Studies Major, 2nd year RA in New Freshman Residence Hall )

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For more information about our employment opportunities, please contact the Residence Life Office.

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Phone: (205) 275-4575