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Leadership Resources

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership develops student leaders by providing programs and resources which support leadership development as a purposeful, collaborative, values-based, and relational process.

We believe that all students are capable of leading and should develop their understanding and application of leadership, with or without a title. Because of this belief, we are dedicated to designing opportunities to enhance UAB students’ leadership capacity.

Please explore the leadership development resources we make available to student organizations, organization advisors, and faculty.

  • Retreat Planning Consultations

    The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides consultations to student organizations planning a leadership retreat. Retreats are an excellent opportunity for new member education, leadership development, reflection, and team building. However, in order for a retreat to be successful, there are many critical components which should be thoroughly thought through.

    Retreat Planning Consultations are offered to assist student leaders with identifying the important elements of a retreat and successfully seeing the event to fruition.

    To request a consultation, please complete the Retreat Planning Consultation Form.

    Retreat Planning Consultation Form

    *Consultations should be requested at least two months prior to the retreat for optimal planning time.

    There is also a retreat planning library which offers a number of texts providing great planning tools like ice breaker ideas, stress-relief games, and conflict resolution training.

    Retreat Planning Library

    101 More Great Game and Activities 1 Vangundy
    Energize Your Audience 1 Bass
    Interpersonal Skills for Leadership 1 Brown, Banlet
    Moving Beyond Icebreakers 1 Pullock, Fusoni
    Student Leader Planner 1 Posner
    Student Leadership Practices Inventory 1 Posner
    The Big Book of Stress Relief-Games 1 Epstein
    The Conflict Resolution Training Program 2 Ray

    Retreat Planning Tips

    1. What is your retreat going to accomplish?

    • What do members want/need to learn?
    • Set retreat goals to guide activities.
    • Do your goals align with your organization’s mission?

    2. Make logistical decisions and budget arrangements.

    • When are you planning to host the retreat?
    • You need a space conducive for discussion.
    • How much money are you budgeting for retreat expenses?

    3. Create a basic agenda

    • Smooth retreats require good planning.
    • Before delegating responsibility, create an outline of expectations.
    • Delegate tasks well in advance to appropriate officers.

    4. Assess the participants’ experience.

    • Create a way to collect this information prior to the retreat.
    • Ask members to share their thoughts on the overall experience.
    • Use members’ comments to create action steps for next year’s leaders.

    5. Document your planning process for future leaders.