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  • Requirements

    UAB supports the creation of student organizations whose purposes and activities enhance the social, cultural, recreational and educational functions of the University. Co-curricular involvement can be an important part of the educational and college experience. UAB believes that registered student organizations foster valuable experiences for students that often lead to significant learning and development. Registered student organizations are afforded access to campus resources, and in turn agree to comply with regulations and procedures established for the governance of student groups.

    Registered Student Organization Requirements

    There are five minimum requirements for an organization to register at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. These requirements include an appropriate name, the support of a faculty/staff advisor, minimum membership expectations, maintenance of an organization constitution and compliance with the UAB Non-Discrimination Policy.

    • Name:
      • The name of the registered student organization cannot begin with “UAB” –the organization can state “at UAB” at the conclusion of their name. For example, the title must be phrased as “Wrestling Club at UAB.” UAB must be stated in the acronym form. Registrations will be denied when The University of Alabama at Birmingham is spelled out. The name of the organization must be consistent on all organization documents and marketing materials, including but not limited to the organization’s constitution, social media sites and print promotional materials.
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor:
      • An advisor must be a full-time faculty or a staff member at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Hospital personnel cannot serve as a faculty/staff advisor. National headquarters, national organization staff or paid campus ambassadors cannot serve in the place of a faculty/staff advisor. The advisor will need to be added to the organization’s roster during the Engage registration process.
      • The Advisor Verification Form is required for registered student organizations. Registration/Re-Registration will not be processed until the form is submitted. Advisors must login to Engage to complete the form.
    • Membership:
      • Student organizations must have at least five (5) members who are current UAB students. These members should be added to the roster through Engage registration.
    • Constitution& Non-Discrimination Policy:
      • Each organization is required to create and maintain an organizational constitution. This guiding document helps the organization create sustainable practices. The constitution must be uploaded during the Engage registration process.
      • The organization’s constitution must include the current UAB Non-Discrimination Policy:

        “The University of Alabama at Birmingham and (insert organization name) prohibits discrimination in admission, educational programs and other student matters on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, disability unrelated to program performance, veteran status or genetic or family medical history.”

        Organizations with Title IX exemptions should show both the full UAB Non-Discrimination Policy followed by the Title IX exemption.

    Any Questions? Contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Register a New Organization

    Registration for new organizations is available twice per year (July 1 – September 30 and December 1 – January 31). In order to form a new student organization on campus, an interest group must complete the following steps:

    In order to form a new student organization on campus, complete the following steps:

    1.   Login to Engage and go to Organizations tab. At the bottom of the left column, click the button which states "Register An Organization".

    2.   A box will then appear prompting you to either “Re-register Existing” or (scroll down) “Register New Organization.” Select “Register New Organization.”

    3.   Complete the registration form. Be prepared to upload the organization’s membership roster, Constitution and faculty/staff advisor’s information. The student organization registration application will be reviewed by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Once the application is approved, the student organization will receive an e-mail notification.

    If there are any errors in the application, then the organization’s registration will be denied. The organization will be notified of approval or denial by e-mail. The student which submitted the registration will have an opportunity to correct the errors and resubmit for consideration.

    4.   Faculty/Staff advisors must complete the Advisor Verification Form on Engage in order for registration to be approved. This Form is located in the Engage Forms tab. Advisors must login to complete the form. Forms will be denied that are submitted from a student’s Engage account.

  • Privileges & Responsibilities

    • Marketing and Promotion

      Registered organizations have access to a variety of marketing and promotional benefits to assist with advancing the organizations mission and increasing student membership. These resources are designed to support student organizations, but they can be revoked with abused use. Resources include:

      • Flyer Printing – Student organizations can request 25 flyers to be printed per program. The program is required to be submitted and approved through Engage in order to print flyers. The Flyer Request Form must be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the date of requested pick-up.
      • Promotional Tabling – Through the Hill Student Center reservations system, student organization can request promotional tables for a maximum of three days in a row. There are designated areas to select from, visible on the tabling map. For more information, click here and select the “Promotional Tables” tab.
      • Bulletin Board Access - The Hill Student Center controls three bulletin boards in the Student Center. All posters/flyers must be brought to the Hill Student Center Information Desk for posting on the bulletin boards. The Information Desk will stamp approved posters/flyers and hang them for you. For more information, review the Bulletin Board policies on the HSC website.
      • Digital Signage – Student organizations can submit digital, promotional materials to be displayed on the Hill Student Center digital screens. All ads should be 1280px by 720px. Click here to request a digital ad.
      • Student Organization Newsletter – This electronic newsletter is distributed weekly during the spring and fall semesters, on Mondays, to support organizations through announcements, updates, and upcoming events. Organizations are encouraged to read the newsletter each week to stay up-to-date on all important related information. Organizations can submit updates to the newsletter, as well.

      Media Policy

      UAB’s Office of University Relations works with UAB faculty, staff and students to develop and distribute university news and information in a variety of ways. Organizations who wish to initiate contact with the news media, or who receive news media inquiries, are required to work with University Relations. University Relations must reach out to the media on your organization’s behalf, to ensure proper procedure is followed. Media cannot be on campus property (including outdoor space and indoor space) without an escort from University Relations.

      Naming Guidelines

      The approved name of the organization that is designated during registration is the only name approved for use on marketing and promotional materials. This includes the use of the name on social media, print materials, and t-shirts/buttons/uniforms, etc. For example, if the Wrestling Club at UAB has an Instagram account, it cannot call itself @UABWrestling. The appropriate title would be @WrestlingClubatUAB

      Social Media Expectations

      UAB welcomes individuals and organizations to identify their role at UAB publicly on social media. Be aware that by doing so, you are representing UAB and therefore subject to UAB's conduct policies. Students are subject to the Academic Honor Code and Student Conduct Code. Individuals creating and maintaining digital mass communications or digital content are responsible for adherence to the following requirements:

      Content must not constitute a copyright or trademark infringement and must not otherwise violate any applicable laws or UAB policy.

      Keep in mind these tips on accessibility when posting on social media:

      • Have you included Alternative Text for photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
      • Have you made sure all graphics have a strong contrast between text and background?
      • Did you use camel case with hashtags? #AccessibilityIsAwesome
      • Is your contact information available prominently in your social media bio?
    • Honors and Awards

      Student Excellence Awards honors student organizations for their outstanding contributions in leadership and service to the campus and community. At the annual ceremony, individual and group awards are presented. Nominations are accepted by UAB faculty, staff and students through the Student Excellence Award Nomination Form.

      This form opens December 1st and closes January 30th. Organization leaders are encouraged to submit a nomination on the organization's behalf. To review criteria for organization awards, click here.

    • Financial Support

      Registered RSOs are eligible to request funds from their respective student governing body. Student government funding is not guaranteed as a result of registration, but it does impact eligibility.

    • Equipment Rental & Work Room

      The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides student organizations with access to a Student Organization Work Room which stores craft materials such as paint, poster paper, and other materials. Organizations may use the Work Room during business hours by visiting the Student Involvement and Leadership front desk. Additionally, limited equipment is offered for use through an Equipment Rental Request.

      Available equipment includes: buckets/coolers, tables and a popcorn machine. Equipment rentals are available during the fall and spring academic semesters. Requests must be submitted seven days in advance.

    • Mediation, Consultations and Presentations

      While each organization has a faculty/staff advisor, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership also supports organization management and growth through mediation, consultations, and presentations. Resources include:

      • Conflict Mediation – The purpose of mediation is to find a solution satisfactory to both parties, whether that be two organizational members or two organizations. Mediation is an attempt to settle a dispute. In essence, it is a facilitated negotiation. Mediation is closed to anyone outside of the parties in question, and all participants in the mediation process must adhere to the mutually agreed outcomes. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will provide an unbiased staff member to mediate the conversation.
      • Retreat Planning Consultations - The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides consultations to student organizations planning a leadership retreat. Retreats are an excellent opportunity for new member education, leadership development, reflection, and team building.

        However, in order for a retreat to be successful, there are many critical components which should be thoroughly thought through. Retreat Planning Consultations are offered to assist student leaders with identifying the important elements of a retreat and successfully seeing the event to fruition. To request a consultation, please complete the Retreat Planning Consultation Form.
        *Consultations should be requested at least two months prior to the retreat for optimal planning time.*
      • Customized Leadership Presentations (Learn to Lead) - The Learn to Lead presentation series brings leadership development into UAB classrooms and student organization meetings with engaging and active presentations. The Learn to Lead leadership curriculum focuses on the Social Change Model of Leadership, including presentations which focus on individual, group, and societal values. Presentations can be modified to accommodate any organizations size and/or focus. Requests should be submitted two weeks in advance through the Learn to Lead Presentation Request Form.
      • Engage and BlazerPulse Training – Engage and BlazerPulse are two useful resources for student organizations to use for organizational management. Organizations that need support on either platform are encouraged to schedule a training presentation. Trainings can be conducted in one-on-one settings with a Student Involvement and Leadership staff member of shared through a presentation format with the entire organization.

        To schedule an Engage and/or BlazerPulse training, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Finances

    • Official Letter of Registration

      If a student organization would like to set up a bank account, the bank will require an Official Letter of Registration. The student organization letter is issued on an annual basis and includes the name and contact information of the members the organization deems needed for bank access. This is verified by the upload of organization meeting minutes which include these details. The faculty/staff advisor must also have bank access. This letter indicates the organization as a registered organization that is in good standing with the University and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

      Complete the Official Letter of Registration Form to request a letter. Be prepared to upload meeting minutes including the organization’s EIN number as well as officers and faculty/staff advisor that need account access. Organizations must also indicate their preferred bank. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership requires 5 days to review and write the Official Letter of Registration.

    • How to Open a Bank Account

      Any student group that will raise money and, therefore, spend money, will need to maintain proper financial accounts for the group. These accounts should not be the same as any individual’s account and should be set up under the organization’s name. This will allow the organization to securely collect and store money, use a debit card for organization purchases, and deposit reimbursement checks. An organization must have an EIN to secure a bank account.

      1.  Host an organization meeting with officers where you discuss opening a bank account.
        • Draft Meeting Minutes which details that the organization wants to open a bank account with “said bank,” who will be on the account, their official titles, and the organization’s EIN number. Keep in mind:
          • Everyone who is officially on the account must be present when opening the bank account
          • When transitioning leadership, the current account holder and the new account holder must visit the bank.
          • UAB suggests opening an account with either Regions Bank or BBVA Compass based on positive past experiences. However, organizations may open a bank account with the bank of their choice.
      2.  Print or make a copy of your CP575 Confirmation form (EIN verification)
      3.  Fill out the Official Letter of Registration Form on Engage
      4.  Pick up your Official Letter of Registration from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. You will receive a notification when it is available for pick-up.
      5.  If your organization is part of a national chapter, you may request Tax Identification Documents from your national organization, such as 501(c)(3) confirmation showing that your organization is a non-profit and is tax exempt.
      6.  Take your Meeting Minutes, CP575 Confirmation, Official Letter of Registration, and Opening Deposit with you to the bank along with your starting deposit.
        • Regions requires a $100 deposit
        • BBVA Compass requires a $25 deposit
    • Tax ID / EIN

      Any student group that will raise money and, therefore, spend money, will need to maintain proper financial accounts for the group. These accounts should not be the same as any one individual’s account and should be set up by applying for a Tax ID (called EIN by the IRS) specific to the group. Each taxpayer, or Student Organization, must have a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN). The organization should file Form SS-4 with the IRS to apply for this number. Any financial accounts created or maintained for the organization should be managed under this number.

      EIN & W9 Must Match

      The person applying online must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN, ITIN, EIN).

      You are limited to one EIN per responsible party per day. Organizations may reapply for a new EIN from year-to-year if needed; there is no penalty.

      The “responsible party” is the person who ultimately owns or controls the entity or who exercises ultimate effective control over the entity. Unless the applicant is a government entity, the responsible party must be an individual (i.e., a natural person), not an entity.

      The individual who applies for the EIN will need to sign on the W9s for the student organization’s reimbursement requests. In order to prevent an RSO from applying for a new EIN every year, it is recommended that the RSO seek the support of the faculty/staff advisor.

      Instructions for Obtaining an EIN

      • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) online
      • Read instructions and click on "Apply Online Now"
      • Read instructions and click on "Begin Application" Scroll to bottom of list and select on "View Additional Types including Nonprofit/Tax- Exempt Organizations," click "Continue"
      • Choose either "Community or Volunteer Group" or "Social or Savings Club" depending on which best describes the group, click "Continue"
      • Read description to confirm selection, click "Continue"
      • Fill out the rest of the required information and submit

      If the above steps are followed properly, the EIN will be generated online and provided in a pdf document for immediate use. Print out and retain a copy of the CP575 Confirmation. Current and future officers will need this document for tax filing purposes.

      Tax Exemption Status

      Registration of a student organization does not make the organization tax exempt. UAB’s federal taxpayer identification number may not be used by organizations that are not University Funded Organizations.

      Social clubs may be exempt from federal income taxation if they meet the requirements of section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. Although they are generally exempt from tax, social clubs are subject to tax on their unrelated business income, which includes income from non-members. For more information, visit the IRS website.

  • Student Organization Interest Groups

    Student Organization Interest Groups are available for those students who are interested in creating an organization on campus but may not meet the requirements for registering a student organization. This option allows for the students to recruit members, utilize limited resources, and have intentional support from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Interest Groups are an opportunity for the campus to experience new organizations and the organizations to test the community’s interest in the potential organization.


    1.  Submit an Interest Group Registration Form

      Prospective organizations must submit an Interest Group Registration Form to notify the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership thatthe Interest Group will begin to recruit members with the intent of registering the organization. This form is available on Engage.
    2. Meet with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

      After completing the Interest Group Registration Form, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will contact the student that completed the form to schedule an Interest Group Consultation. During this meeting, the Interest Group will learn more about benefits of organizingand what will be required of them. This is also when the interest groups learn about the Engage platform


    After one semester of promoting the Interest Group, Interest Groups should complete the New Organization Registration Process. Interest groups who do not meet the minimum requirements for New Organization Registration will lose recognition as an Interest Group.

    Interest Group Registration forms may be filed once per academic year. Interest Group registration forms are available from August 27 -September 30 and from January 1 -January 30


    Students that form an Interest Group and follow the required process will have access the following benefits:

    • One space reservation during the semester of registration for the purpose of an interest meeting
    • One promotional table during the semester of registration for the purpose of recruiting members
    • 25 flyers printed for the purpose of marketing the organization

    Interest Groups are required to meet with a UAB Pathfinder to schedule and reserve space and print flyers.