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Event Registration and Space Reservations for Student Organizations

All student organizations in good standing have the privilege of hosting on-campus events, and event registration is the sole responsibility of the student organization(s) sponsoring the event.

Student organizations are encouraged to review the Student Organization Handbook for more information regarding event registration and space reservations.


  • All on-campus organization events must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership on Engage using the “create event” feature within organization’s management tools. Event/activities should be submitted five (5) to ten (10) business days before the event, pending on the event’s level of risk.

    For more information on risk levels, review the Student Organization Handbook.

    • This is to allow for the review and evaluation of the event by staff.
    • Events that are not registered within the required timeframe for review will not be approved, regardless of the amount of money the group has already invested in the event.

    The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will provide feedback through the comments section of the Event Registration Form to allow students to amend their existing registration to meet criteria. Any issues or questions about an event will be communicated on Engage through the comments feature. It is the organization’s responsibility to respond to questions using this feature. The student that submitted the registration form will receive an email notification from Engage when comments are posted.

  • Academic space reservations for student organizations are now requested through the Engage Event Registration process. Academic space for all student organizations may only be reserved through this process, regardless of the organization’s type or funding structure. Departments may not reserve space on behalf of a student organization through the Book It system.

    The Office of the Registrar reserves the following spaces for student organizations:

    • Campbell Hall
    • Education Building
    • Heritage Hall
    • University Hall

    When completing the Engage Event Registration process, the organization will indicate where on-campus they plan to host the event. When the organization indicates an academic building, they will be prompted to share their building of preference. Space will be assigned based on availability and is not guaranteed.

    Use this video guide for step-by-step instruction:

  • University Recreation and the Hill Student Center are now a part of the Engage Event Registration review process; however, students should still use the University Recreation and Hill Student Center websites to request the space.

    Organizations that request space in either of these two facilities must also complete Engage Event Registration. Both the space reservation and Engage Event Registration should be submitted a minimum of 5-10 days in advance depending on the event’s level of risk. Any facility reservation that does not have a corresponding event registration will not be approved.

  • Engage Event Registration provides space reservation access for four academic buildings (Education Building, Heritage Hall, University Hall and Campbell Hall). Additionally, the Hill Student Center and University Recreation review event submissions.

    Organizations that host activities in locations other than these facilities may do so if they receive special permission from the building administrator. However, the event must still be registered through Engage and space reservation is the responsibility of the student organization.

    1. The member must have officer access to submit events for review. Positions with access will be able to do so by accessing the Action Center.
    2. To access the Action Center, click the Switchboard icon on the top right hand corner of the Engage community and click on Manage.
    3. From the Action Center home page, there will be a list of memberships. Select a single organization to view.
    4. When viewing the Organization View, there will be a box in the center of the page, and a management bar in the left corner. Click on the management bar sandwich menu (three lines).
    5. After clicking on the management bar, a drop down of organization management options will appear. Click on Events.
    6. On the Manage Events page, click “Create Event”.
      • When using the Create Event option, please note, submission DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval. All events are reviewed by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.
      • The form will be reviewed and approved or denied within ten (10) business days of being received by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

    Review Video Guide: