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Statement on Hazing

True brotherhood or sisterhood does not endorse hurting, harming, degrading, humiliating or endangering others, especially those considered to be brothers, sisters, or future brothers and sisters. Every national fraternity and sorority has outlawed hazing. The State of Alabama has enacted legislation making hazing a criminal offense.

The UAB administration is unconditionally opposed to any situation created to produce mental and/or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. You are expected not to participate in any hazing activity, and to report immediately any such activity of which you become aware. Failure to report hazing is in effect giving approval of it.

Hazing may be caused by either overt or covert coercion. When any hazing activity is suggested by a fraternity or member of a fraternity, to new or trial members, covert coercion will be established, even if the activity is said to be "voluntary".

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The following is the University of Alabama at Birmingham Policy Statement on Hazing. All members are required to know and understand this policy and acknowledge that understanding on the Hazing Compliance Form.


Subject: Hazing Policy for Student Organizations

1. Purpose

It is the responsibility of all student organizations to encourage an atmosphere of learning, social responsibility, and respect for human dignity and to provide positive influence and constructive development for members and aspiring members. "Hazing" is an unproductive and hazardous custom that is incongruous with this responsibility and has no place in university life, either on, or off, campus.

The purpose of this policy is to define hazing and to provide guidelines with regard to hazing that student organizations and their members must follow.

2. Prohibition and Sanctions

Hazing, as defined in this policy, is prohibited, and Organizations that are found to be in violation of this policy may lose status as recognized UAB student organizations, and Individual members who are found to be in violation of this policy are in violation of the Non-Academic Conduct Policy and may be disciplined in accordance with UAB's disciplinary procedures.

3. Definition

Hazing is a willful action taken toward any student, or group of students, on, or off, campus by a student organization or any of its members to produce public humiliation, physical discomfort, bodily injury, or public ridicule or to create a situation where public humiliation, physical discomfort, bodily injury, or public ridicule occurs.

Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Paddling
  2. Requiring or compelling exercise and calisthenics
  3. Road trips (involuntary excursions)
  4. Requiring or compelling exposure to uncomfortable elements
  5. Requiring or compelling activities creating unnecessary work, detention, or any duties that impair academic efforts
  6. Verbal harassment
  7. Requiring or compelling the wearing in public of apparel which is conspicuous and not in good taste
  8. Requiring or compelling the forced consumption of any liquid or solid substance

4. Responsibility

The Vice President of Student Affairs or a designated representative is the UAB official who has primary responsibility for administering this policy.

5. Relationship of this policy to the State of Alabama's law

Alabama Law H.387 declares hazing illegal and establishes conditions for civil and criminal liability. Alabama Law H.387 and subsequent related amendments will serve as a guide for action by UAB should a hazing incident occur.


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