With work and family, it can be hard for someone to return to school full-time to further their education. Gaining a certificate from the UAB School of Health Professions is a great way to gain the latest knowledge you need to further your career while continuing to work at the same time.

Dietetic Internship
Prepares entry-level dietitians for a variety of careers in healthcare, wellness and food service management. The program offers on and off campus options. Both programs are completed in 10 months and combines supervised clinical practice with graduate coursework.

Healthcare Quality and Safety Graduate Certificate
This unique, multidisciplinary approach to the analysis and solution of complex problems prepares clinical and administrative professionals to deploy quality- and safety-focused strategies for their organization.

Low Vision Rehabilitation
Practiced-oriented certificate degree program to prepare occupational therapists to provide comprehensive, competent intervention to adults with visual impairment from age-related eye diseases and brain injury. Perfect for those needing flexible online distance learning while continuing to work full-time.