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Your Financial Aid can be accepted through BlazerNET by clicking on the Financial Aid section. In this section you will also be able to check the status of your aid to see if you have any outstanding requirements yet to be fulfilled.

Having trouble accepting your Financial Aid? Let our staff help guide you through the process.

Our staff will be more than happy to go over your account with you. When you come in to our office, we will go over each item on your account to make sure you know what that charge, or credit, means. If you plan on calling us for this service, please be sure to have your account pulled up online so that we can better assist you.

Payments can be made in BlazerNET by clicking on "Account Balance" on your Student Profile page. On that page you will see your account balance and the option to make a Credit Card Payment. Payments by check can also be made by visiting the One Stop office or the office of Student Accounting.

BlazerBucks is a declining balance account that can be used for goods and services anywhere the UAB ONE Card is accepted. BlazerBucks accounts are available to students, faculty and staff and other individuals in possession of a UAB ONE Card. There is no minimum deposit required to activate a BlazerBucks account and additional funds can be added in varying amounts, at will. Balances in BlazerBucks carry-over from year to year until the cardholder graduates or otherwise permanently leaves the university.

Payment via the web can be made through the ONE Card website by signing in as a cardholder or a guest and selecting the BlazerBucks Deposit tab. The ONE Card website provides a secure connection for credit card payments by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

If you are an undergraduate students who has an account credit of $50 or more due to an excess in anticipated Financial Aid, these funds—up to $500—will automatically transfer to your BlazerBucks account on a certain date. Students may use these funds at Barnes & Noble at UAB or any other BlazerBucks vendor.

More details about BlazerBucks for Books

Detailed estimates of the cost of UAB attendance, including institutional fees, are available for undergraduate and graduate students, depending on your program of study and your residency status.

Detailed Tuition and Fees

Financial assistance awards take into account the full costs of attending UAB, from tuition and fees to transportation and expenses. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) lets you apply for a variety of assistance programs with just one form.

You can obtain an itemized printout of all charges posted to your student account in either the One Stop or the Student Accounting Office, located on the ground floor of Lister Hill Library.

Holds on your account will restrict you from registering.

To find out why a hold may be on your account:

After logging into BlazerNET, look for the "Holds" link in the center column of the page, to the right of your student photo.

You should be able to see what department your hold is in, and you can contact that department to resolve the hold.

To apply for a Direct PLUS loan, the borrower must log in to with his/her FSA ID and password.

It is imperative that all requirements are satisfied with UAB before a PLUS application is made through This checklist will help to guide you through the process.

More info on Federal Direct PLUS and Direct Parent PLUS Loans

Numerous scholarship opportunities are available. Please see our Scholarships web site to determine what sort of financial awards you may qualify for.

More info on Scholarships

You must sign a Master Promissory Note before you receive loan funds from Federal Student Aid. Please log in to to complete this requirement.

To access the Title IV Authorization Form, you will first need to log into BlazerNET with your BlazerID and password.

Through the federal work-study program, you can earn money to pay for college while gaining valuable work experience for your future.

  • Work-study is available for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Pay: At least minimum wage, but possibly more depending on the job and your experience
  • Average schedule: 15 hours per week
  • Examples of jobs may include administrative assistant, computer operator, faculty assistant, library aide, or tutor.
  • Apply by completing the FAFSA. If you’re eligible for work-study, choose from the list of available jobs on DragonTrail Jobs, the online career management site of UAB Career & Professional Development Services.

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