Communication Studies Undergraduate Programs
The Department of Communication Studies is concerned with human  interaction and communication in all of its forms. The department offers  concentrations in Communication Management and Mass Communication.

Students interested in studying communication should consult the  department chair or undergraduate coordinator as well as the  requirements set by the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Major in Communication Studies with Communication Management Concentration

The Communication Management concentration is designed for students  interested in the general principles of communication from interpersonal  relationships to the theory and practice of public dialogue. A minor is  available in Communication Management for non-majors.  

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Major in Communication Studies with a Mass Communication Concentration

The Mass Communication concentration allows students to specialize in  journalism, broadcasting, or public relations. Minors are available in  Mass Communication. A Minor is required for a degree in Mass  Communication.

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Students interested in developing a concentration in mass  communication may select from one of three specializations available in  the department: journalism, broadcasting, or public relations. Students  specializing in one of the mass communication specializations may also  major or minor in communication management.


The curriculum in journalism is designed  to prepare students for work with newspapers, magazines and company  publications. In addition to courses in writing, reporting, and editing,  the journalism program frequently offers special courses aimed at  meeting the media demands of Birmingham, its people, and its  publications.


Students in broadcasting prepare for  professional careers in television production, news operations, or  management. In addition to skills courses, students are given a strong  theoretical foundation designed for both the media professional and the  potential graduate student in mass communication.

Public Relations

Public relations is a pre-professional  program designed to acquaint students with the theoretical knowledge and  the practical skills necessary for relating ideas and information to  man “publics.” The program stresses writing, oral, and analytical  skills.



A number of awards and scholarships are available to Communication majors.  Please contact the main office in Heritage Hall for more information.

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