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Elliot Lefkowitz

Purushotham V. BangaloreProfessor
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276 BBRB
(205) 427-1836

Research and Teaching Interests: Microbial genomics and evolution, bioinformatics, clinical informatics

Dr. Elliot Lefkowitz is the Director of Informatics, Center for Clinical and Translational Science; Director, Molecular and Genetic Bioinformatics Facility, Center for AIDS Research; and Director, Bioinformatics Core, Microbiome Facility

My research interests are directed at contributing to the understanding of microbial genomics and evolution by developing and utilizing computational tools and bioinformatics techniques to mine sequence and other data for significant patterns characteristic of function and/or evolution. This work has included the development of new algorithms for the detection of viral regulatory motifs; tools for the identification of viral genes; the development and utilization of High Performance and Grid Computing tools for bioinformatics analysis; and the development and use of tools for analyzing patterns of viral evolution.

I have also been involved in the development of databases, web applications, and analysis tools for the sequencing and annotation of several complete bacterial and viral genomes. This includes development of the Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center, one of the original NIH-sponsored Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRCs) for Biodefense and Emerging or Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases.

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