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Hyeyoung Lim

Hyeyoung Lim

Associate Professor
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(205) 934-8530
UBOB 215

Research Interests: Police decision-making, Policy & Performance Evaluation, Crime Analysis, Police Integrity & Accountability, Quantitative and Mixed Research Methods, Police-Community Relations, Cyberpolicing, Cybersecurity, and Cybercrimes

  • B.S., Sookmyung Women’s University, Computer Science/Educational Psychology
  • M.L., Dongguk University, Police Administration/Criminology
  • M.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham, Management Information Security
  • Ph.D., Sam Houston State University, Criminal Justice

Hyeyoung Lim, Ph.D., is an Associate professor in the J. Frank Barefield Jr. Department of Criminal Justice. She specializes in the field of criminal justice, particularly in the areas of policing, police decision-making, and police-community relations. Additionally, she has expanded her research interests to include cybercrime and crimes against humanity, with a specific focus on topics such as child abuse, internet crime against vulnerable populations, cyber ethics, and cyber safety. She holds the position of Chief Editor at the Journal of Applied Security Research as well as serving as a Co-Editor of the International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence and Cybercrime, dedicated to exploring various aspects of applied and empirical security and cybercrime research. She also serves as a member of the ZEPETO Safety Advisory Council Naver ZOpens an external link., a global metaverse company, and an Academic Advisory Board Director of the Georgia Advocates for Crime Prevention. Her expertise and research contribute to understanding and addressing pressing issues in law enforcement and cybersecurity, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

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  • Recent Courses
    • Intro Statistics
    • Police in America
    • Criminology
    • Research Methods
    • CJ Honors Seminar
    • CJ Honors Research & Colloquium
    • Seminar in CJ Administration
    • Seminar in CJ Data Analysis
  • Select Publications


    • Lim, Hyeyoung (Ed., 2022). Interpersonal Violence Against Children and Youth. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. ISBN 978-1-7936-1433-9 (Hardback); 978-1-7936-1434-6 (ebook).
    • Choi, Kyung-shick and Hyeyoung Lim (2021). The Foundations of Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice. San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-5165-2854-7 (Paperback); 978-1-7935-0096-0 (ebook).

    Book Chapters

    • Lim, Hyeyoung (2022). “Introduction: A Study of Global Efforts and Practices on Violence Against Children.” In Hyeyoung Lim (Ed.), Interpersonal Violence Against Children & Youth, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung and Hannarae Lee (2022). “Cyberbullying: Its Social and Psychological Harms Among Schoolers.” In Hyeyoung Lim (Ed.), Interpersonal Violence Against Children & Youth, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
    • Lawton, Brian and Hyeyoung Lim (2022). “Controlling Minors: Extra Legal Factors and the Decision to Use Force.” In Hyeyoung Lim (Ed.), Interpersonal Violence Against Children & Youth, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung (2019). “Similar, Different or Somewhere in Between? The Police and Citizen Views on Police Misconducts.” In Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic and Maria Haberfeld (Eds.), Exploring Police Integrity (pp. 247-266). Springer.

    Peer-reviewed Journals

    • Lim, Hyeyoung and Jae-Seung Lee. The Impacts of Direct and Indirect-negative Contact Experiences on the Attitudes Toward the Police: Focus on Racial Differences. Policing: An International Journal, 44(No. 5, 2021), 926-940.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung. Police Bias, Use of Deadly Force, Public Outcry: Vicious Cycle? Criminology and Public Policy, 16(No. 1, 2017), 305-308.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung and John J. Sloan. “Police Office Integrity: A Partial Replication and Extension.” Policing: An International Journal, 39 (No. 2, 2016): 284-301.
  • Academic Distinctions & Professional Memberships
    • President, Korean Society of Criminology in America (2021-2023)
    • Chair, Security & Crime Prevention Section, ACJS (2021-2023)
    • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Security Research (JASROpens an external link.)
    • Co-Editor, International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence and Cybercrime (IJCICOpens an external link.)
    • Lifetime member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)
    • Lifetime member, Korean Society of Criminology in America (KOSCA)
    • Lifetime member, Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA)
    • Member, American Society of Criminology (ASC)
    • Member, Division of Policing, ASC
    • Member, Division of Cybercrime, ASC
    • Member, Minorities and Women, ACJS
    • Member, Korean Association of Criminology
    • Member, Korean Association of Police Science