Hyeyoung Lim

Hyeyoung Lim

Associate Professor
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(205) 934-8530
UBOB 215

Research Interests: Police decision-making, Policy & Performance Evaluation, Crime Analysis, Police Integrity, Quantitative and Mixed Research Methods, and Police-Community Relations

  • B.S., Sookmyung Women’s University, Computer Science/Educational Psychology
  • M.L., Dongguk University, Police Administration/Criminology
  • M.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham, Management Information Security
  • Ph.D., Sam Houston State University, Criminal Justice

Dr. Hyeyoung Lim is a criminal justice generalist by training. She served as a member of the Special Crime Prevention Committee at the Probation Office, Seoul (South Korea), and trained as a professional counselor. As the Research Director, she conducted various studies in the area of policing, including curriculum and training evaluations and police use of force with local agencies, during her incumbency at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT). Her primary research interests include police decision making, policy and program evaluation, and organizational behavior. A recently developed line of research focuses on police and community relations.

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  • Recent Courses
    • Intro Statistics
    • Police in America
    • Criminology
    • Research Methods
    • CJ Honors Seminar
    • CJ Honors Research & Colloquium
    • Seminar in CJ Administration
    • Seminar in CJ Data Analysis
  • Select Publications
    • Lim, Hyeyoung. Police Bias, Use of Deadly Force, Public Outcry: Vicious Cycle? Criminology and Public Policy, 16(No. 1, 2017), 305-308.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung and John J. Sloan. “Police Office Integrity: A Partial Replication and Extension.” Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 39 (No. 2, 2016): 284-301.
    • Fridell, L. A. and Hyeyoung Lim. “Assessing the Racial Aspects of Police Force Using the Implicit- and Counter-bias Perspectives.” Journal of Criminal Justice, 44 (2016): 36-48.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung. “Social Modeling Effects on Perception of the Police: Focus on Indirect Police Contact Experience among College Students.” Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 38 (No. 4, 2015), 675-689.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung, Amanda Johnson, and Won-Jae Lee. “College Students’ Views on Police Procedural Justice.” Korean Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice, 24 (No. 4, 2015):335-359.
    • Lim, Hyeyoung and Hoon Lee. “The effects of supervisor education and training on police use of force.” Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society. 28 (No. 4, 2015): 444-463.
    • Lee, Joongyeup, Hyeyoung Lim, and Hoon Lee. “Differential Social Distance and Confidence in the Police.” International Journal of Police Science and Management, 17 (No. 3, 2015): 147-154.
  • Academic Distinctions & Professional Memberships
    • Chief Editor, The Korean Criminologists
    • Associate Editor, Law Enforcement Executive Forum
    • Chief Webmaster, Korean Society of Criminology in America (KOSCA)
    • Lifetime member, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)
    • Lifetime member, Korean Society of Criminology in America (KOSCA)
    • Member, American Society of Criminology (ASC)
    • Member, Division of Policing at the ASC
    • Member, International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA)
    • Member, American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP)
    • Member, Asian Association of Police Studies (AAPS)
    • 2017-2018 UAB Faculty Fellows in Undergraduate Research