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Olasubomi David Ayeni

Visiting Assistant Professor
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(205) 934-2069
UBOB 213

Research Interests: Policing (race and place), police leadership, terrorism and political violence

Office Hours: M/W (9am-10:30am/ 12:15pm-1:15pm) or by appointment

  • B.Sc., Covenant University
  • M.A. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Ph.D. (in view), Georgia State University

Professor David Ayeni is passionate about teaching and research. He is a firm believer of the impact they both have on students and the society at large. Professor Ayeni has experience with law enforcement agencies with crime trends, data cleaning, and analysis. He has also been part of comprehensive evidence-based leadership police training courses and workshops for command and line level police officers and non-sworn employees in Georgia. His research interests focuses on police leadership and performance outcomes and racial differences in arrests among mid-level and upper level leadership. He is also interested in terrorism and political violence, specifically that which involves Boko Haram of Nigeria. He is passionate about mentorship and having impact on everyone he comes in contact with as he believes life is all about impact and building relationships.

  • Recent Courses
    • Crime and Criminality
    • Corrections America: Overview
    • Criminology