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Brand Resource Guide Logo Use and Guidelines

All policies regarding use of the UAB logo and monogram can be found on the UAB Toolkit. To help you as you create and order branded items, please review the below examples of correct and incorrect use of departmental logos. For questions, please contact CAS Communications.

General Examples

Department names cannot be used alongside the UAB logo on their own. They must be used in tandem with the full UAB logo and monogram or the full UAB College of Arts and Sciences logo and monogram.

Poster that uses the wrong UAB department logo

Likewise, special events cannot have their own brand that mirrors official UAB brands.

Trumpet Symposium event banner that improperly uses UAB monogram

Promotional Items

The full College of Arts and Sciences logo, which includes the official UAB monogram and the full name of the university spelled out below, must be included on all promotional items. This logo can go on the back of a t-shirt, for example (see T-Shirts, below). But it must be used in addition to the department name.

Your department name should be written in a font that is different from the logo and monogram. It should be placed far enough below the official UAB College of Arts and Sciences logo to create differentiation. Products with department names that are placed too close to the official UAB CAS logo and are in the same font as any portion of the official logo will not be approved.


highlighter with incorrect logo

This mark violates UAB brand guidelines because the centered UAB College of Arts and Sciences logo is incorrect and the Department of Psychology name is too close to the name of the university.


Chemistry logo for promo items


Social Work logo for promo items

These marks are correct because the centered UAB College of Arts and Sciences logo is correct and there is sufficient spacing between the logo and the department name.

T-Shirt Examples

Departments, programs, and organizations are free to create illustrations and graphics. However, the placement of the UAB CAS logo has to be separate from these graphics.


Re-Imagine Law incorrectly using UAB logo

In this example, the UAB CAS logo is presented as part of the illustration. In addition, the J. Frank Barefield, Jr. Department of Criminal Justice Pre Law Program is listed beneath the College logo, rather than the full name of the university.


Re-Imagine Justice logo without UAB logo in illustration

In this corrected example, the department and program name have been dropped from the logo, the university name has been added, and that has been moved to the upper back of the T-shirt.

Other examples of shirts with creative designs on the front and correct logos on the back include African American Studies and UAB Jazz.


front of African American Studies shirt


back of African American Studies shirt


front of UAB Jazz shirt

Event/Program Sponsors

Often, more than one department or unit will share sponsorship of a lecture, ownership of a degree program, or other partnerships that need to be reflected on flyers, signage, brochures, and other materials. To accurately reflect these collaborations, we make use of a vertical divider, or “pipette,” after the UAB logo and monogram.

When using a pipette divider, make sure that all of the units are at the same organizational level. Schools, colleges, centers, and institutes can be divided. Departments can also be divided. But mixing schools and departments in this format would be an incorrect use.

In the example of the Darwin Day poster, you can see the correct use of the pipette at the bottom. In this case, we also placed “Department of Biology” at the top as the presenting department. Departments can place their name at the top in this format when they are the sole sponsor or host of an event as well as when the department name would not work within the pipette format for shared sponsors—since it’s not a school or organizational unit as the others are.

Darwin Day poster with correct use of pipette layout


logo with two school names and one department

In this example, the UAB logo and monogram precedes two schools and then an academic department within one of the schools. Removing Biology from this list would correct this example.


logo with two department names

In this example, the hierarchy starts with the full UAB College of Arts and Sciences logo on the left, with the two sponsoring CAS departments separated by the pipette.