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Program Director

Dr. Sandeep Bodduluri

About the Program

As AI progresses in modern medicine, skilled experts are needed to implement this innovative technology and oversee safety, security, and ethical measures in healthcare.

You can be at the forefront of the next leaders in medicine dedicated to understanding and strategically applying AI technology to enhance healthcare services across all levels, including administration, research, and clinical care. The MS in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) examines the evolving intersection of data science, machine learning, and medicine, from the foundations of AI in healthcare to emerging trends. Gain practical experience with real-world applications, receive training in the critical analysis of AI technologies, and explore the legal and ethical implications of AI in medicine. Through this graduate-level program, both current and future medical professionals can acquire in-demand skills that often lead to new opportunities in healthcare technology and innovation.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Dr. Sandeep Bodduluri

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