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When health care and engineering come together, a whole new world of medical treatment possibilities opens up. Graduates of our biomedical engineering program create unique innovations in health-care delivery, medical devices, biomedical imaging, instrumentation, and beyond.

To prepare you for your career or a doctoral program, we want research to be a big part of your education. That's why your courses will be selected in consultation with a thesis advisor and approved by the biomedical engineering graduate program committee. As part of your curriculum, you'll learn about topics such as engineering analysis, statistical methods, and quantitative physiology, while you research areas like biomedical imaging, biomedical implants and devices, cardiac electrophysiology, multi-scale computational modeling, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. In the end, you'll present your research at a scientific or technical conference and publish at least one peer-reviewed manuscript.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Prasanna Krishnamurthy

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