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You care deeply about your young students, and you want as many tools as possible to give them a quality education. In this program, we’ll teach you cutting-edge instructional methods to help you understand how to meet the evolving needs of your students.

Where do we begin? With reading, of course. As a teacher, you know how critical this is to a child's education. So the first thing you'll learn here is how to teach reading and comprehension to pre-K through 12th-grade students. We want you to understand the reading process, develop and assess reading programs, and locate current research on early childhood readers. Next, we want you to choose your electives. You can take courses such as Current Issues in Education, Child Psychology, Teaching in Diverse Society, and Learning Theories. Your final course will be your practicum, where you'll demonstrate everything you've learned throughout your time in the program.

Delivery Method

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Kelly Hill

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