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  • UAB is just blocks away from downtown Birmingham, the scene of iconic moments in the civil rights movement. Explore the history and progress with visits to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, the new Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument, and other key sites.
  • Graduates of African American studies programs around the country have become astronauts, software engineers, attorneys, doctors, ambassadors, executives, entertainers, and much more.

About the Program

Want to know more about the history, culture, and experience of Black Americans from the African diaspora all the way through today?  In this program, we can give you multicultural perspectives valued by employers in education, government, and business.

To do this, we'll help you hone essential skills such as critical thinking, analytical reading, writing, and public speaking. You'll gain an insightful understanding of multiculturalism and extensive knowledge about history, religion, politics, economics, arts, psychology, medical issues, and civil rights. And by participating in the African American Studies Organization, you'll be able to promote social issues as you earn your degree. Upon graduation, your expansive knowledge base will make you invaluable throughout the medical, legal, political, humanitarian fields, and other sectors.


  • Minority and Global Public Health and Social Justice
  • Historical Investigation and Cultural Awareness
  • History and Culture of Afro-Caribbean and Latino People

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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