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The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a world-renowned research university and academic medical center. Our young, dynamic and growing campus thrives on boldness, collaboration and innovation.

UAB is defined by its people — our diverse students, faculty and staff whose work improves lives in Birmingham, the state and around the world. In a century shaped by a global mix of cultures, ethnicities, identities and viewpoints, we are a vibrant community that is dedicated to shared respect and understanding.

UAB's tree lined campus spans more than 100 city blocks and blends a contemporary urban vibe with award-winning achievement. With a new student center and a modern campus recreation center that surround an action-packed quad, UAB boasts all the amenities of today's campus life. But we’re also located in the heart of Alabama’s largest city were all around you is the stimulating backdrop of a growing metropolis and its vibrant mix of historic, cultural, intellectual, and artistic activity.

Birmingham, AL

Situated in downtown Birmingham’s vibrant Southside neighborhood, UAB has transformed historic Birmingham into a modern nexus of medicine, business, research and development with a thriving arts and cultural scene.

Birmingham boasts a diverse, international flavor. Find your new favorite food at one of our James Beard-recognized restaurants, experience new heights at the Vulcan statue atop Red Mountain, cheer on your favorite baseball team at the Regions Field ballpark, or sit back and enjoy the view at the award-winning Railroad Park.

You may know it as the birthplace of the steel movement, but this Magic City has grown into a charming Southern city with a buzzing urban center — and UAB is right in the middle of it.

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