The UAB Dentistry Leadership Council is comprised by dental school alumni who assist with fundraising initiatives and serve as an advisory board to Dr. Russell Taichman, Dean. The Council’s forty plus members also promote “friend raising”, hosting receptions across the region and advocating for the School in a variety of ways. The term length for Leadership Council members is three years. The Council is committed to the School’s mission of optimizing oral health care in Alabama and beyond.

The UAB Dentistry Leadership Council was formed in 2000 by former dean Dr. Mary Lynne Capilouto to assist with the School’s development activities. The Council played a prominent role in the 1999-2003 capital campaign, helping the School of Dentistry surpass its $5.3 million goal. During the tenure of Dr. Huw Thomas (Dean from 2004-2011), the Leadership Council expanded its membership to thirty plus members and added a chairperson. The School completed its $7.2 million Maintaining the Momentum Campaign (2004-2008) with the majority of private gifts designated for endowments, the specialty programs, and renovations. Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Reddy, Dean from 2011-2018, the Leadership Council helped the School reach unparalleled success with the Campaign for UAB. With a University-wide goal of $1 billion, the dental school surpassed its $20 million goal, and raised more than $25 million.

Now, under the leadership of Dean Taichman, and J. Scott Huffman, CFRE, Executive Director of UAB Dentistry Development and Alumni Relations, the Leadership Council, continues to help the School achieve great success. Current fundraising projects include endowed professorships, chairs, scholarships and programs, renovations, community outreach, and departmental initiatives.

2019 Leadership Council

  • Dr. Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow (Chair, Periodontology)
  • Dr. Rex M. Adams (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Warren W. Arrasmith (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery )
  • Dr. Stephen Brewer (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Robert B. Burkhardt (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Kim Carr (Pediatric Dentistry)
  • Dr. T. Madelyn Coar (Endodontics)
  • Dr. John Terry Carlson, Sr.
  • Dr. Bruce E. Cunningham (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Michelle Dandridge (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Larry G. Deep (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Joel P. Hearn (Endodontics)
  • Dr. Nancy Hein (General Dentistry)
  • Mr. J. Scott Huffman
  • Dr. William L. Ingram V
  • Dr. Gordon R. Isbell III (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Adolphus M. Jackson (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. R. Parrish King (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. William Green King, Jr. (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. James M. Lewis (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Christoper J. McCallum (Endodontics)
  • Dr. Ray H. McLaughlin (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Lisa Miller (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • Dr. Daniel M. Pittman III (Periodontology)
  • Dr. G. Robin Pruitt, Jr. (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Clay Davis Reese (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Ralph David Roden, Jr. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • Dr. David M. Sarver (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. Christy J. Savage (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. Christy Stevens (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Russell Taichman (Dean)
  • Dr. Robert A. Thacker (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. William Maury Vandervoort (General Dentistry)
  • Dr. Sherri L. Weissman (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. Brian D. West (Periodontology)
  • Dr. Elizabeth White (Pediatric Dentistry)