Academic advising is required for all UAB Engineering students. For all Pre-Engineering students (regardless of department), this advising is conducted through the UAB School of Engineering Office of Academic Programs.  When the student has met all requirements for advancing from Pre-Engineering to one of the five UAB Engineering departments, advising will be conducted in that particular UAB Engineering department.  All academic advising within the UAB School of Engineering is conducted by engineering professors.

Students are encouraged to set an appointment for the next semester’s academic advising early in the current semester.  Appointments may be made by contacting the appropriate department:

School of Engineering Office of Academic Programs: (205) 934-8400

Department of Biomedical Engineering: (205) 996-0165

Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering: (205) 934-8430

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: (205) 934-8440

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (205) 934-8450

Department of Mechanical Engineering: (205) 934-8460

Pre-Engineering Undergraduate Advising Form