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Course Descriptions—Interpretation of the Academic Achievement Scale

Students who are placed into Level 1 courses can read and write in their first language, know the English alphabet, and have some experience with English in a class or through living in an English-speaking country. Full-time students whose Placement Test results are below Level 1 will study in the following courses:

  • ELI 012 Integrated Skills 1
  • ELI 013 Vocabulary Building 1
  • ELI 015 Support for Beginners. This class is typically conducted as a tutoring session, using the materials of ELI 012 and ELI 013, as well as supplements. Assessment is Pass/Fail.

At the end of the semester, students will take the Placement Test again, in a different version, to determine if they have the proficiency to be successful without tutoring in Level 2 ELI 022 Integrated Skills and ELI 023 Vocabulary Building.

All Pre-1 students will be required to take ELI 011 Reading and ELI 014 Writing in the next semester.

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