four students outside heritage hallAll students of INTO UAB Academic English, 8-week English Program, and Pathways programs have access to a variety of services offered by INTO UAB. Students also have access to all services available to them as UAB students.

INTO UAB Academic Services


Academic advising is available on an ongoing basis to students who request it; it is also ongoing for students who are on academic probation or on attendance probation. A formal mid-semester and end-of-semester advising session is held for each student, sometimes in a group format, and sometimes one-on-one. Academic advising is provided by the English Language Programs team who know each student’s situation well. Advising on individual course progress is also provided by teachers for each course.

Immigration advising is provided by the UAB International Student and Scholar Services office. All Designated School Officials (DSOs) for the campus are housed there. This advisor is available for appointments with any IEP student.


INTO UAB students participate in a 3-day orientation upon arrival to the program. The orientation seeks to introduce them to the UAB campus, the city, and US culture in general.

Academic English students are also all enrolled in a required Language Enrichment class called ELI 111, 112, or 113 that meets twice a week. In these enrichment courses, students always have expanded practice with listening and speaking skills.  During the first semester, called “Keys to Academic Success,” students have continued orientation activities that are designed to help them with adjustment to life in the US. In subsequent semesters, students either study English pronunciation or explore topics related to US culture more in depth.  Through these courses, Academic English students have an organized venue through which they can continue to receive orientation support.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is a free tutoring service available to all INTO UAB students. It is designed to be a major component of the success of each INTO UAB student. Find out more about the LRC, the types of academic services available to INTO UAB students, and the LRC’s hours, or sign up for tutoring, all through the LRC page.

UAB Campus Services

Student Health Services

Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Wellness program when they arrive (as a part of their tuition and fees). This provides an on-campus office for routine and acute doctor’s visits, immunization requirements, and general health needs.

All students are required to have health insurance while studying at UAB. Unless students have provided proof of comparable coverage, INTO UAB students purchase the Student Insurance Plan, provided by United Healthcare.


Counseling is available to INTO UAB students for general life needs (questions about setting up bank accounts, driver’s licenses, or other issues) by many members of the INTO UAB team.

For other counseling needs that are above and beyond what INTO UAB is able to provide, students are referred to UAB Counseling Services, which has licensed professional counselors on staff to aid students, free of charge, with any of a variety of mental health or lifestyle concerns.

UAB Campus Facilities

INTO UAB students have full privileges to the recently-renovated Mervyn H. Sterne Library. Students can take advantage of the excellent research resources, or simply read in beautiful and technology-ready study areas.

Computer labs are located throughout the campus for any full-time student to use.

For information on grades, student accounts, or campus student activities, INTO UAB students can check BlazerNET, which is UAB's internal information network.

All INTO UAB students have full access to the Campus Recreation Center, an impressive facility that features everything from a swimming pool and athletic equipment to sports courts and a climbing wall. The Rec Center also organizes campus-wide intramural sports; students can sign up to play soccer, basketball, or any of a number of other sports. The Outdoor Pursuits office, located in the Rec Center, offers outdoor activities and trips at a radically-reduced cost, including cheap equipment rental.

For more information INTO UAB Academic Services, please contact the INTO UAB office at For more information on UAB Student Services of interest to INTO UAB students, check out the link below.

Services available to INTO UAB students