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Developing Others

The development of employees is part of a manager’s job. The resources below offer assistance, tips, and ideas on how to do this.

  • Development Guidelines
    1. Have regular conversations/communication. As a manager, it is your responsibility to meet regularly with your staff and ensure:
    • Expectations are clear
    • Project deadlines are on track
    • Ample support is being provided
    2. Promote a continuous learning mindset. Set the expectation that learning is something everyone does all the time. Learning is achieved:
    • 10% of the time on our own
    • 20% of the time directly from others
    • 70% of the time by doing and experiencing
    3. Coach others to grow professionally. Managers are expected to coach their direct reports to grow and develop professionally. UAB Learning and Development provides coaching skills for managers. Check out the Organizational Development Services tab below for more information.
  • Tools & Skills

    Tools for Developing Others


    Skills for Developing Others