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Technology Tool Governance Process

UAB IT works with partners across campus in the process to review technology tools for various purposes.

This governance process:

  • Reviews available IT resources needed for successful implementation
  • Helps ensure tools comply with security requirements, including federal regulations
  • Helps avoid unnecessary duplication and expense
  • Evaluates integrations with other technology tools

In this tool governance process, UAB IT, in consultation with strategic campus partners, provides a review that evaluates the risk associated with the above items. In most cases, the review allows the requestor to determine whether to accept any risks and move to the next step in the overall campus review process, such as contract or financial review. In rare cases, the review will determine certain risks that halt the process, such as potential violations of security regulations or duplication of core IT services.

Learn more about the technology tool governance process for each area below:


Submit an Item for Review

Note: Any deviations from the process will be sent to the UAB chief information officer for review and approval before the process continues.