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Fellows L to R: Pankaj Arora, M.D., (Professor, Cardiovascular Disease) Vibhu Parcha, M.D., (Former CVD Fellow, PGY-1), Meghan Bartos (Clinical and Research Genetic Counselor), Taylor McClinchey (Clinical and Research Genetic Counselor), and Jonathan Murphy, LPN (Clinic Manger) 

Pankaj Arora, M.D., (Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Disease) and colleagues are working to change the trajectory of hereditary cardiovascular conditions at UAB’s Cardiogenomics Clinic. Established in 2021, the clinic provides patients with a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment that includes special genetic testing, genomic counseling, and a treatment plan for patients and their families designed to mitigate inherited cardiovascular diseases. The clinic is one of two in the Southeast and has already received multiple family referrals.

More Good News for September 16, 2022

Kierstin Kennedy, M.D., MSHA, (Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine) is UAB's new Chief Medical Officer where she will set efficiency goals, measure and improve clinical outcomes, and partner with leaders to disseminate best practices.

Ken Saag, M.D., (Professor and Director, Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology) received the 2022 Outstanding Alumni Award from the University of Iowa College of Public Health in recognition of his contributions to public health.

Jeanne Marrazzo, M.D.,(Professor and Director, Infectious Diseases) won the 2022 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association Distinguished Career Award which recognizes extraordinary careers in the field of sexually transmitted diseases.

Hind Lal, M.D., (Professor, Cardiovascular Disease) and colleagues have demonstrated for the first time that deleting the alpha isoform of GSK-3 (an enzyme that regulates blood sugar balance) helps reduce the development of fibrosis and preserve heart function.

Assistant Professor Danica Vodopivec Kuri, M.D., joins the Department as one of only eight physicians in the world formally trained in Oncologic Endocrinology. She will practice at TKC, Highlands Inpatient Glycemic Service, and the Endocrine Neoplasia Clinic.