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About UAB Department of Medicine

The UAB Department of Medicine drives medical education, accelerates discovery, and delivers competent and compassionate patient care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The Department of Medicine has 493 faculty, 250 trainees, and 1,285 staff. The department is organized in 11 divisions, which are its major cultural and operational units, with a central administration that supports and coordinates the department mission across the divisions and in partnership with the rest of UAB Medicine.

Department of Medicine physicians account for approximately 38% of UAB Hospital admissions, approximately 23% of ambulatory visits, 23% of teaching of medical students, and 45% of the School of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding.

Vision & Mission Statement

We envision a world where people live as well and as long as possible. We strive to maximize health and eliminate suffering by caring for people, teaching and creating knowledge.

As part of UAB Medicine,, our mission is to provide life-changing care, both today in caring for our patients and tomorrow by educating the next generation of physicians and with discoveries that advance health and health care.