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Fellows Above: Rheumatology fellows with their Program Directors Drs. Joanna Potera, Alex Edgil, Mariana Urquiaga, Angelo Gaffo (Professor), Vijay Kannuthurai, and Amanda Alexander (Assistant Professor) 

The Department was thrilled to celebrate our incoming fellows at its annual welcome reception Monday evening. We could not be more excited to have these exceptional trainees join us at UAB. Every year, DOM onboards roughly 50 new fellows in 20 training programs. We can't wait to see them shine!

More Good News for July 22, 2022

Infectious Diseases Associate Professors Aadia Rana, M.D., and Lynn Matthews, M.D., MPH, will work with state and county Health Departments to evaluate tools that promote HIV testing, linkage to care, and rapid-start antiretroviral therapy.

Gareth Dutton, Ph.D., (Professor, Preventive Medicine) and colleagues will test the feasibility of home meal delivery to manage gestational weight gain among African American and low-income pregnant women with obesity.

The Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance awarded Min Xie, M.D., (Associate Professor, CVD) for his proposal to identify inhibitors that address the loss of Histone Deacetylase isoform in the hearts of patients with diabetes. Findings could mitigate cardiac injury in clinical settings.

Post-doctoral student Mackenzie Fowler, Ph.D., has published a longitudinal retrospective study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease evaluating the association between cancer and the longitudinal progression of dementia.