Administrative Fellowship

This fellowship was created to prepare emergency medicine trained physicians for leadership within their group, their hospital and their health system in the future.

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

The training program is designed to give graduates of emergency medicine residency programs the knowledge and skills to become ultrasound program directors and leaders in the field of emergency ultrasound.

International Emergency Medicine Fellowship

The International Emergency Medicine Fellowship equips emergency physicians to become competent in the delivery of medical care in the underdeveloped and developing world.

Research Fellowship

Developing people is at the core of our mission of the EM Office of research. In our research fellowship we will help you identify an impactful area of academic focus you find exciting and then equip you to make a difference by obtaining critical investigative skills needed to make a substantive and sustained academic impact in your chosen area.  Our training program incorporates both formal training, leading to a Master Degree in Public Health and Clinical and Translational Science, and informal training and mentorship. Through these experiences you will acquire the skills you need to succeed in clinical research, including generation of a cutting edge and feasible research idea, writing grant proposals, obtaining IRB approval, leading a study team, successfully navigating the challenges encountered in conducting original research, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, presenting the findings  at national and international academic meetings, writing manuscripts for publication, and developing competitive grant proposals to fund future work.

Social EM & Population Health Fellowship

The mission of the UAB Social Emergency Medicine and Population Health (SEMPH) Fellowship is to discover, teach, and mitigate the unique social determinants of health that impact patients who seek emergency care in the UAB Health System and across Alabama and the Southeast.