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In our research fellowship we will help you identify an impactful area of academic focus you are passionate about and equip you to make a difference in your chosen area by acquiring the skills you will need to succeed in clinical research.


  1. Provide a sound background in the principles and practice of clinical research for emergency medicine physicians.
  2. Equip fellows with critical investigative skills needed to make a substantive and sustained academic impact
  3. Develop physicians with the knowledge in areas such as grant writing, IRB approval, leading a study team, and navigating challenges in conducting original resarch
  4. Develop physicians who are able to collect, analyze and interpret data
  5. Equip fellows with the skills to present findings at academic meetings and publish manuscripts


The clinical research fellowship is a two-year program which incorporates completion of a Master of Science in Public Health in Clinical and Translational Science with a focus in epidemiology, outcomes research, or biostatistics.


To apply, submit a curriculum vitae (CV), two letters of recommendation, and a letter of interest to the Vice Chair for Education or the Program Manager II.


Andrew Edwards, M.D.

Andrew Edwards, M.D.

Vice Chair for Education

Heather Kirk

Heather Kirk

Education Administrator