The Point-of-care Ultrasound in Resource-Limited Settings (PURLS) fellowship equips emergency physicians with the clinical, logistical, and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) expertise necessary to practice and educate in the unique environment of resource-limited settings, where tropical diseases and lack of advanced diagnostic imaging and subspecialty support present significant challenges. Fellows will work closely with faculty in both the Offices of Global Health and Emergency Ultrasound in the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine, as well as local institutions and clinicians.


  1. Integrate the advanced imaging skills obtained in typical United States-based Emergency Ultrasound fellowships with the expertise in tropical infectious diseases, epidemiology, and context-appropriate clinical practice obtained in a Global Health fellowship.
  2. Develop expertise in POCUS education in order to train local clinicians in its use with the goal of increasing access to diagnostic imaging and improving patient care in settings where it is needed most.


The PURLS fellowship takes place over the course of two years. It synthesizes aspects of the Global Health and Emergency Ultrasound fellowships, while emphasizing the unique attributes and uses of POCUS in austere environments, including its use in specific tropical infectious diseases or when no other imaging is available, and logistics. Clinical and field experiences can be tailored to the goals of the fellow. The fellowship has included POCUS education in an East African tertiary referral hospital, patient care in a high-acuity East African Casualty Department, rural primary care and refugee clinics, and humanitarian response. All clinical experiences will integrate POCUS into practice under the supervision of fellowship faculty. The ultrasound component of the fellowship curriculum is specifically designed to meet EUFAC accreditation and ABEM requirements for graduates to sit for the Focused Practice Designation in Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography.

PURLS contentTwo year PURLS fellowship curriculum


To apply, visit eusfellowships.com. The application will require submission of a curriculum vitae (CV), three letters of recommendation, and a letter of interest.


Samuel “Luke” Burleson, MD
Program Director

Nicholas Barnes
Program Manager II