The Simulation fellowship is designed to provide physicians the education, skills and experience needed to become not only a simulationist, but a leader in simulation and medical education. Fellows will work closely with faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine as well as the UAB Simulation Consortium including UAB Medicine Clinical Simulation and the Office of Interprofessional Simulation for Innovative Practice.


  1. Develop a deep understanding of the theory and principles of simulation for emergency medicine physicians.
  2. Gain expertise in simulation based medical education through development and implementation simulation-based curricula and scenario building.
  3. Equip fellows with the skills to operate, maintain, and program a variety of up-to-date simulation technologies including task trainers, patient simulators, and virtual reality.
  4. Develop the ability to debrief and teach learners from a wide variety of disciplines, specialties, and level of training.
  5. Collaborate with UAB Health system to develop administrative skills, promote systems improvement and patient safety.


The Simulation fellowship takes place over the course of one year. Those interested may complete of a Master of Science in Healthcare Simulation (MS) during fellowship.

Fellows will collaborate frequently with fellowship director and simulation faculty. Our goal is to identify areas of interests and develop a personalized curriculum. Fellows will facilitate and develop medical student and resident simulation activities at UAB. Fellows will be required to complete one scholarly project. Fellows will be given the opportunity to complete nationally recognized facilitator development courses with the UAB Simulation Consortium. Fellows are encouraged to peruse national involvement in organizations such as EMRA’s Simulation Committee and SAEM’s Simulation Academy.


To apply, submit a curriculum vitae (CV), two letters of recommendation, and a letter of interest to the Program Director or the Program Manager II.


Andrew Bloom, MD
Program Director

Nicholas Barnes
Program Coordinator