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The administrative fellowship was created to prepare emergency medicine trained physicians for leadership roles, including emergency department medical direction. During the fellowship, time will be spent working with the Department of Emergency Medicine clinical operations leadership team as well as other leaders across the health system. The specifics of the work and experience during the fellowship will vary depending on the needs of the department, changes within the health system, and the ever changing environment of our health care system.


  1. Develop and improve leadership and communication skills that will be effective in and outside of the practice of medicine.
  2. Develop a better understanding of our current health care environment (clinically, institutionally, fiscally, and legally).
  3. To help improve the clinical operations of the UAB DEM through focus on the quality of care, patient safety, throughput in the department, and intra-hospital relations with other providers and services.


The administrative fellowship is typically one year, but can be extended to two years if the fellow is in pursuit of an MSHA, MPH, or MBA during the fellowship.


To apply, submit a curriculum vitae (CV), two letters of recommendation, and a letter of interest to the Vice Chair for Education or the Program Manager II.


Andrew Edwards, M.D.

Andrew Edwards, M.D.

Vice Chair for Education aredwards@uabmc.edu
Heather Kirk

Heather Kirk

Education Administrator hkirk@uabmc.edu