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Scholarly/scientific review of departmental protocols

Standard Operating Procedures:

Each new protocol that is being submitted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Institutional Review Board (UAB IRB) must include an approved Protocol Oversight Review Form (PORF) that indicates approval at the departmental level. For the UAB Department of Genetics, this PORF is issued by the Department of Genetics Human Subjects Research Review Committee (DOG HSR RC). 

Department of Genetics (DOG) faculty should submit their protocol for review by DOG HSR RC before submitting to university IRB. The submission should be complete with all paperwork required for university IRB review. Continued review of a protocol does not require review by the committee or PORF.

The committee evaluates the submission at a departmental level to confirm that the methodology, risk to participants, and procedures of the proposed study are consistent with the generally accepted principles in the discipline.

The committee is made up of representatives from laboratory, research, and clinical fields. They review the proposed study and provide feedback in the form of a PORF. The study personnel addresses any comments or concerns the committee has provided, obtains a finalized PORF, and then submits it to the university IRB. The final PORF serves as documentation to the UAB IRB that the study has been reviewed and approved at a departmental level.

Department of Genetics Human Subjects Research Review Committee Members:

Anna Hurst, M.D., MS

Assistant Professor, DOG HSR RC Chair

John L Hartman IV, M.D.

Associate Professor

Zechen Chong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Mick Edmonds, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Questions? Comments? Clarification?

For questions, comments, or clarifications related to the DOG HSR RC review process or submission, please contact Anna Hurst by email: achurst@uabmc.edu or phone: 205-934-4983.