The Tuscaloosa Regional Campus provides clinical training for third and fourth year medical students from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. The Tuscaloosa Regional Campus is located on the campus of The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and is part of the University’s College of Community Health Sciences.

Students in Tuscaloosa enjoy small class sizes, one-on-one interactions with mentors and clinical instructors as well as the full resources of both the School of Medicine at UAB and The University of Alabama for research, recreation and clinical learning.

Tuscaloosa Campus students obtain their 3rd year clinical education in the Tuscaloosa Longitudinal Community Curriculum (TLC2). TLC2 is an innovative, longitudinal integrated clerkship (LIC) that emphasizes a strong foundation in clinical medicine and physician leadership skills and promotes self-directed learning and professional development.

Longitudinal clerkship students have the opportunity to follow patients for an extended period of time, participating in initial diagnosis, follow-up, and, hopefully, recovery or remission. This continuity of care allows LIC students to establish long-term learning relationships with experienced, practicing physicians, and students are able to learn skills at a deeper level because they are applying concepts in multiple settings at once.

The TLC2 program is modeled after well-established, longitudinal integrated clerkships across the United States, and students have the opportunity to train in Tuscaloosa or in rural and urban Alabama communities around the state.

The program offers excellent training for all students. Those interested in primary care and community oriented fields, including general surgery, emergency medicine, psychiatry and OB/GYN, will receive additional benefits from the patient centered approach. With this comprehensive experience, Tuscaloosa graduates have entered a wide range of medical specialties and subspecialties.

All students who accept admission to the School of Medicine and a Tuscaloosa Regional Campus assignment for clinical training will participate in this exciting and innovative curriculum model.


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