The Scholarship Application for current UAB School of Medicine students is located here.  The deadline to apply to be considered for new or additional awards is April 30th each academic year.  Newly admitted students are considered for scholarships based on their application for admission and are not required to fill out the scholarship application until after they receive an award letter. 

School of Medicine Institutional Scholarships
Scholarship Applicants and Recipients must complete these two steps each year. 

1. Complete the School of Medicine application for scholarships

2. Provide financial information by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Designate UAB as the school to receive your FAFSA.
  • Include parental information unless you are age 30 or greater*, even if you:
    • Consider yourself an independent.
    • Receive no financial support from parents.
    • Are married.
    • Consider yourself having no financial need. 
  • If you have questions about completing FAFSA, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 205-934-8223.
*Including parental information is policy of the UAB Financial Aid Office for determining financial need for scholarships. If parental information is not included, you will not be considered for scholarships.

The School of Medicine is grateful for the generous support of many individuals and foundations providing scholarships. The information submitted to the scholarship application online is shared with our Scholarship Donors. They enjoy reading about the goals and accomplishments of the students they support with their funds.

The FAFSA data helps us match specific scholarship criteria with appropriate students.

Scholarship Criteria Examples:

  • Academic Merit only
  • Financial Need
  • Both Merit and Need
  • Some scholarship funds have very specific criteria:
    • Particular hometown
    • Particular high school
    • Particular geographic locations
    • Ability to add to the diversity and distinction of the student body

Selection process
Current students and incoming accepted applicants to the School of Medicine are eligible to receive institutional scholarship awards. Our Scholarship Committee, composed of dedicated faculty and staff members of the school, makes the award decisions annually. The committee meets three to four times each year to select scholarship recipients based on their academic excellence, ability to add to the diversity and distinction of the student body, and financial need. Some scholarship awards are made for all four years of medical school, but many scholarships are not  renewable. All recipients must qualify each year by completing the School of Medicine Application for Scholarships and FAFSA.

The deadline for scholarship applications was April 30, 2019 for awards applied to the 2019 - 2020 academic year. Scholarships are offered to newly accepted students before that date, in order to attract outstanding students to the school. For this reason, it is suggested that accepted students file the scholarship application and FAFSA as early as possible. All applicants are notified of the Committee's decision as soon as possible and prior to the official start date of the academic year.

The scholarship donors below are in alphabetical order

The School of Medicine is grateful for the generous support of individuals and foundations providing the following scholarships:

Drs. Seydi V. and Gonul Aksut Endowed Medical Scholarship
Alfa Insurance and the Alabama Farmers Federation Endowed Medical
Scholarship for the Montgomery Regional Medical Campus
Alfa Rural Medical Scholars Program Endowed Loan
Richard Arrington, Jr., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Norma Marx Bailey Scholarship
Robert S. and Winnie B. Baird Memorial Scholarship
Baptist Health Care Foundation Internal Medicine Integrated Residency Scholarship for the Montgomery Regional Medical Campus
Baptist Health Care Foundation Scholarship for the Montgomery Regional Medical Campus
E.B. Baugh Sr., and Helen Sullivan Baugh Scholarship
Jimmy Beard Medical Alumni Endowed Scholarship 
Michael Bivins, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Blue Cross Scholars Program in the School of Medicine at UAB
Gerhard and Linda Boehm Endowed Medical Scholarship
Susan Ferguson Bradley Endowed Scholarship
Doris R. and Peyton R. Bryars, Jr., Family Endowed Medical Scholarship
Paul W. Burleson, M.D., Medical Scholarship
Paul W. and Martha R. Burleson Endowed Medical Scholarship
Bush and Posey Endowed Medical Scholarship
Maiben Cammack Memorial Scholarship
William Groce Campbell Endowed Medical Scholarship
Capital City Medical Society Endowed Scholarship
Richard Devore Carter, M.D., Medical Scholarship
Leisa Chambless Endowed Medical Scholarship
John Murphy Chenault, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Fred and Bessie Mae Chestnut Endowed Medical Scholarship
Ann Margaret Clark Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Orville W. Clayton and Dr. Richard O. Russell Endowed Medical Scholarship
Stuart J. Cohen, M.D., Medical Scholarship
Comer Foundation Medical Scholarship
Dr. Harold Niles Cooley, Jr., Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Frances Bell Corman, M.D., and Mannie Corman Medical Scholarship
Crittenden-Larson Endowed Medical Scholarship
William A. Cunningham Endowed Medical Scholarship
Sharon M. Dailey, M.D., Medical Scholarship
James E. Davies, Jr., M.D., Medical Scholarship
Dr. Jordan and Gale Davis Medical Scholarship
William B. Deal, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
William B. Deal, M.D., Huntsville Art of Medicine Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Dorsey, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
Earle Drennen Endowed Scholarship
Harriet P. Dustan Scholarship
Jane R. Cantey Edwards Family Medical Scholarship
Helen and Murphy Evans Endowed Medical Scholarship
Sara Crews Finley, M.D., Leadership Scholars Program Endowment
Wayne Finley, M.D., Travel Award
Pink L. and Miriam R. Folmar Endowed Medical Scholarship
Ramakrishna K. Gadi, M.D., Endowed Medical Travel Award
Manmohan K. Ghanta, M.D., and Sunitha A. Ghanta, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Gary Michael Gross Endowed Medical Scholarship
Herschell Lee Hamilton, M.D., Endowed Scholarship in Medicine
George S. Hand Jr., Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Estes H. and Florence Parker Hargis Memorial Scholarship
Michael Harrington, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
John Tinsley Harrison Medical Scholarship
Richardson Hill Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Hire Family Endowed Medical Scholarships
Henry Harland Hoffman Endowed Medical Scholarship
John Isaac Samuel Holt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Huntsville Campus Alumni Scholarship
Charles E. Ingalls, M.D., Medical Scholarship
UAB International Medical Education Scholarship for the Medical Student Enrichment Program (Study Abroad)    
Anne Juliane Jenkins Isola, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Lewis F. Jeffers Scholarship Endowment
Love Family Scholarship in Medicine
Jefferson County Medical Society Alliance Endowed Medical Student Scholarship
Jefferson County Medical Society Endowed Scholarship in Medicine
Eloise and Charles P. Johnston Scholarship Endowment
Henry P. Johnston, Jr. 1st Lt. USAF Endowed Scholarship
Louise and Henry P. Johnston, Sr., Scholarship
Donald R. Kahn Medical School Scholarship
Drs. Santosh and Prakesh Kansal Endowed Medical Scholarship
Stephen J. Kelly, M.D., Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melinda Kerr and Barry Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Hayne Kendrick Medical Scholarship
Samuel Rexford Kennamer, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship for the Montgomery Regional Medical Campus
Dr. Charles O. King Scholarship Trust
Clarence E. and Margaret S. Klapper Endowed Scholarship in Medicine
Stephen G. Lauten, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Clarence Long Memorial Medical Scholarship
Alma B. Maxwell Medical Scholarship
Jane Knight Lowe Medical Scholarship
Dr. Rob McDonald Memorial Endowed Medical Scholarship
Dr. Richard B. and Priscilla P. McElvein Endowed Scholarship
Dr. C. C. McLean Medical Scholarship Fund
McLester Endowed Medical Scholarship
Medical Alumni Association/Birmingham Surgical Society Endowed Scholarship
Medical Alumni Association/Dean of Medicine Scholarship
Medical Society of Montgomery County Endowed Medical Scholarship
Mineral District Medical Society and Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship
R.A. Moorer and C.C. Belcher Endowed Loan Fund in Primary Care Medicine
Moon H. Nahm, M.D., and Laura S. Nahm, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
John P. Newsome, M.D., Scholarship
Edgar A. O’Rear, Jr., M.D., Memorial Endowed Scholarship
H. Parker and Mabel Osment Scholarship
Dr. Doris Sturgis Phillips Scholarship in Medicine
Primary Care Medical Student Scholarship
Dr. Seaborn W.  Purifoy and Daisy Brown Purifoy Memorial Scholarship
Thomas E. Rast Endowed Medical Scholarship
Robert R. Rich, M.D., Endowed Medical Student Scholarship
Mary D. Roberts Endowed Medical Scholarship
James Earl Robertson Endowed Medical Scholarship
Benjamin and Roberta Russell Endowed Medical Scholarship
Brenda Gayle Russell Memorial Scholarship
William F. Salter Endowed Medical Scholarship
School of Medicine Dean’s Scholarship
School of Medicine Dean’s Out-of-State Scholarship
School of Medicine Dean’s Primary Care Scholarship
School of Medicine Diversity Scholarship
School of Medicine Minority Medical Scholarship
Dr. Gunavant N. Shah, Mrs. Gunvanti G. Shah, and Dr. Parul Shah Nguyen Endowed Medical Scholarship
Ronald A. Shaw, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Shelton Endowed Medical Scholarship
Frank R. Sherard Scholarship Endowment
Robert G. Sherrill, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
Dr. Marcus Skinner Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Charles Smith and Mrs. Mildred Broun Smith Endowment
James D. Sokol and Lydia C. Cheney Endowed Medical Scholarship
Florence F. Staples Medical Scholarship
Steelcase Alabama Endowed Scholarship
Eleanor Parks Stephens and Mary Williams Parks Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Henry Swords, M.D., Ph.D., Family Scholarship
Lynn Talkington and Scott R. Talkington Primary Care Medical Scholarship
Albert J. Tully, Jr., M.D., Family Endowed Medical Scholarship
Dr. W. H. and Sara Elizabeth Turner Medical Trust Scholarship
Hudson Turner, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
UAB Montgomery Regional Medical Campus Scholarship
UAB National Alumni Society Dean’s Scholarship
Edgar Smith Underwood, M.D., Endowed Medical Scholarship
University of Alabama Health Services Foundation Scholarship
University of Alabama Medical Alumni Association Endowed Medical Scholarship
Betty W. Vaughan, M.D., Medical Scholarship
Walker Drug Company Endowed Medical Student Scholarship
Ray L. Watts Family Endowed Scholarship in Medicine
Robert Lee White Medical Scholarship
Frank Whitfield, Jr., and Virginia R. Whitfield Medical Scholarship
Weinrib-Herzfeld Family Endowed Medical Scholarship
Wilson Primary Care Medical Loan Fund
Dr. Evan Zeiger, Jr., Endowed Medical Scholarship