Service Learning 5

Our school offers a large variety of student-led organizations, many of which engage in volunteer efforts. Our Office of Service Learning supports a number of these groups, including:

Medical Student High School Advisors Volunteer Program

Medical students can serve as mentors and/or tutors to juniors and seniors in Birmingham City Schools, empowering the high-school students with the skills, experiences, and support they need to pursue higher education and healthcare careers.

Cooking Healthily on a Penny (CHOP)

Beyond the curricular-based CHOP experience for students in Fundamentals, trained students can continue to volunteer through the CHOP volunteer organization, conducting cooking demonstrations to teach individuals ways to prepare nutritious foods on limited budgets.

Dynamic Health

With Dynamic Health, students address the multiple integrated aspects of chronic health within the community. Students enhance their motivational interviewing techniques by advising participants on disease education, exercise, and nutrition. Additionally, there are opportunities for group exercise with the community.

After School Community Tutoring Program

The after-school tutoring program provides tutoring for K-12 students in Birmingham City Schools. This program collaborates with STAIR and Girls, Inc. of Central Alabama. Volunteers are required to complete a background check and complete a brief training session.

Equal Access Alabama

The mission of EAA is to find ways to connect the Black Belt of Alabama to the healthcare system, and to create quantifiable solutions that reduce the barriers to care faced by its residents. EAA aims to foster experiences between care provider and patient, encouraging medical students to develop a deeper understanding of the perspectives and challenges faced by our state’s most impoverished residents. This is accomplished by participating in mobile clinics, developing a telehealth system accessible to Black Belt communities, and relying on the communities themselves to guide our efforts.

Equal Access Birmingham

A student-run, free clinic serving the Birmingham community, EAB operates acute and primary care clinics on both Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, along with monthly mental health clinics and other special clinic events. Students can also participate in health education and screening events, which take place around the city.

Interpret ES

The mission of Interpret ES is to remove the language barrier faced by the under-served Hispanic community faces when seeking access to essential social resources. Students provide Spanish translation/interpreting and outreach services to help the under-served Hispanic population in Birmingham.

Medical Student Ask & Advise

Collaborating with the Foundry and Equal Access Birmingham, Medical Student Ask & Advise provides smoking cessation counseling for people using tobacco products. Students typically volunteer once a month in person at the Foundry, a rehabilitation center located 15 minutes from UAB’s campus. Recently, students have expanded counseling sessions to EAB patients.

Senior Companionship Program

Senior Companionship pairs medical students with home-bound seniors from around the Birmingham community to combat loneliness and isolation, which are exacerbated by the burden of disease. Seniors participating in the program are served by the UAB House Calls team and would benefit from monthly meetings with compassionate and friendly students.

Students can get connected with the officers of these organizations during the Student Activities Fair at orientation or by contacting the Office of Service Learning.