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Non Research and Research Courses (MSTP 798/799)

During the first two years there are three research rotations allowing an in depth experience in different laboratories prior to selecting a lab for the PhD dissertation research.

MSTP 798: Non-dissertation research
MSTP 799: Dissertation research


Pathway to Grant Submission for Physician Scientists (PSDO 700)

This course is designed to assist physician scientist students with the creation and submission of an F30 or equivalent grant application. Topics to be covered include the NIH funding system, how to write a fellowship, how to submit animal protocols, and how to submit IRB forms. Course will meet every 2 weeks for 8 sessions over the term. Grant writing course for physician scientists.


Translational Research Seminar (MSTP 794)

Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies Translational Research Seminar Series
We sponsor a monthly evening seminar series which invites speakers from university faculty currently involved in translational research, in addition to presentations from senior students in the program.

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Continuing Clinical Education Program (MSTP 795)

This course is designed to provide clinical continuity training for MSTP students throughout the PhD phase of the program.

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Special Topics Course (STP 2043)

This course is designed to give MD/PHD students a basic background in topics necessary to succeed as a physician-scientist in today’s academic medical environment.

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