MSTP Advisory Committee

The MSTP Advisory Committee (MSTPAC) consists of eight members from the School of Medicine faculty, one member from the School of Engineering, and one member from the School of Public Health. The MSTP Director and MSTP Associate Director occupy two of these positions.

In addition to serving as a policy advisory group, the MSTPAC acts as the admissions committee for the program.


William Geisler

William Geisler, MD, MPH

MSTP Co-Director

Talene Yacoubian

Talene Yacoubian, M.D., Ph.D.

MSTP Co-Director

Alecia Gross Gutierrez

Alecia Gross Gutierrez, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurobiology

Sonya Heath, MD, MPH

Professor, Infectious Diseases

Farah Lubin

Farah Lubin, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept of Neurobiology

Craig Maynard

Craig Maynard, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pathology

Lisa McCormick

Lisa McCormick, PhD

Associate Professor & Associate Dean, School of Public Health

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel, PhD

Professor, Dept of Pathology

Christopher Willey

Christopher Willey, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept of Radiation Onc